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PCG St. Helena Cruise Report

Cruise Report – St Helena Island Cruise Captains :   P/C Denis and Anita Land. Saturday 22nd June – 5 boats headed over to St Helena Island for a pleasant weekend on the water.  We met on North Light at 1600 hours for Sundowners as the cool south westerlies made it a little chilly for

“Show Your Colours” Cruise Report

RQ Sail Cruising Group – June 15 & 16, 2019  “Show Your Colours” Our preliminary plan was to invade the Brisbane River, use the new floating dinghy dock and anchor at Hamilton Northshore. This was thwarted as so many itinerants and more permanent vessels, have taken a fairly static presence. The next possibility was to

Unknown Trailers

Can the owners of these trailers please contact the marina office to identify the trailers. If the trailers are not claimed in the following 14 days they may be towed from the property. Marina Office: 07 3393 3554 /

Upcoming St.Helena Cruise

The Power Cruising Group would like to welcome any and all RQYS members to join them for either both or one day of their cruise to St. Helena Island on Saturday and Sunday, 22 – 23 June. Programme: Saturday 22 June – tide times: high at 1236 – 1.7m, low at 1819 – 0.68m. Meet

Starry, Starry Night Cruise Weekend Report

Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 May 2019 Challenged with the objective of proving how well they know their stars and their knowledge of celestial navigation, 10 vessels participated in the Starry, Starry Night cruise weekend to the Sandhills on 18th and 19th May. With the promise of 15 to 20 knot SE breezes all weekend

Past Commodores’ Cup Navigation Event Results

GPS 1st Place               5 pts      North Light – P/Cdr Denis Land 2nd Place              11 pts    Harbour-nating – John Higgins 3rd Place               83 pts    Marley – Michael Moore Traditional 1st Place               121 pts Odyssey – Scott Anderson 2nd Place              208 pts Lucinda Bay – Chris Tyquin 3rd Place               220 pts Sunday – Fraser Spencer   Thank

Yachtshare Club Member of the Year Awardees

Yachtshare Club Member of the YearJan Glancy Marine Sports Volunteer AwardJohn O’Brien Member Facilities Volunteer AwardJack Kennedy Social Events Volunteer AwardDavid Healey Special Contributor AwardsFraser Spencer Rob BridgeDavid BullDave WallerPaul & Nelly Bolton Cruising & Navigation Volunteer AwardJan Glancy