Authorised Contractors

On-site Contractors

At RQYS, we have approved contractors for your peace of mind. These professionals meet our high-quality standards, prioritize safety, and ensure compliance with our regulations. They also provide insurance coverage, offering convenience and reliability for all your needs right here at RQYS.”

All contractors providing quotes for work conducted at RQYS which includes labour and surveying etc. must be approved by RQYS. 

Contractors are authorised when they have provided their Public Liability Insurance, have signed and submitted a copy of our Contractors Rules and payed the applicable contractors fee as outlined in our Trades & Contractors Policy.

RQYS Approved Contractors

JSA Marine

AW Marine

Boat Repair & Vessel Maintenance
(+61) 409 479 204

David Glenn Boat Builders

David Glenn Boat Builders

Boat Builders
(+61) 412 878 144

JSA Marine

Boat Building Repairs
(+61) 7 3348 5682

Queensland Marine Training Services

Nationally Recognised Maritime Training Programs
(+61) 7 386 6930

Seadog Marine

Marine Consultant
(+61) 7 422 244 214

World Wide Boat Brokers

Worldwide Boat Brokers

Multi | Mono | Power | Sail boat brokers
(+61) 7 5338 7104

RQYS Approved Tradespersons