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Volunteer Documents

RQYS Volunteer Training Portal

Have you ever thought of Volunteering at your Club? The Volunteers at RQYS are having a lot of fun while delivering race management for our members who compete in or around Waterloo Bay most weekends of the year and during the week as well.  This page has some of the Volunteer Documents we use.  Other training documents will be available within our Training Portal soon.

There are a variety of positions that need to be filled from on shore activities such as ramp marshals to on water service in Patrol Boats or on our start boats helping the Race Officers.

The more demanding the role, the more experience and qualifications are required. The Squadron will assist in you obtaining whatever training is appropriate in your case.

The level of sailing activity at RQYS has increased over recent years and we need more and more Volunteers on which to call to provide the level of race management the competitors have come to expect.

General RQYS Volunteer information documents:

Guide for New Volunteers 2017

2018 Etchells Worlds Volunteer Info Distributed

Sailing Activities at RQYS

Legal information for volunteers in Queensland

Checks and screening for Volunteers

Volunteers may be required to undergo checks and screening for certain activities, dependent on organisational and legislative requirements. This includes RQYS volunteers, as we work with children and young people.  It is a requirement of volunteering at the RQYS that each volunteer has a Positive Notice Blue Card in their possession, even if you are a parent whose child is participating in the sport. You can still volunteer while you are waiting for your Blue Card to be approved. If you do not have a child participating in an event, you will need to wait until your Blue Card application has been approved before you can take part in events that have parcipants under 18 years of age.   Click here for more information.  If you already have a Blue Card for Working with Children with another organisation, you need to complete a form Linking you to this organisation.  Please fill in either form and return to the Volunteer Coordinator via  Teachers and Policemen need to fill in an “Exemption Form” available here.

Workplace Health and Safety

Organisations who use volunteers have obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011  This information is available on the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland website. There are also detailed fact sheets developed by Safe Work Australia.  RQYS supports it’s volunteers and encourages each one to become aware of their rights and obligations. We have the following documents available for you:

1) Extract WHS for Volunteers July 2014

2) Volunteers_Guide for WHS

Civil Liability

The Queensland Civil Liability Act 2003 protects volunteers while undertaking voluntary community work for a state government agency, local government authority or an incorporated organisation. In order to be protected under this Act, volunteers must act in good faith and their work must be ‘organised’ which suggests formal control, supervision and a registration process.If a volunteer fulfills the conditions set by the Act, they are exempted from all civil liability for their actions.  The RQYS has a documented training system in place, available in person and soon to come, online.  If there is training you feel you would like to undertake please check with the Volunteer Coordinator on and ask if we have such a training in place already – or it may be something we create.  There is also an act that protects Volunteers and it is available here Commonwealth Volunteers Protection Act 2003 .