Trade Sheds, Garages & Storage

Garages & Lockers

RQYS offers storage garages, equivalent in size to a standard single-car garage, and smaller storage cages designed for sailing and boating gear. It’s important to note that all items stored at RQYS are done so at the owner’s risk. RQYS strongly advises insuring the contents of your storage space, as they do not assume responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to stored items.

Lockable Storage

Ensure the safety of your valuable sailing and rigging equipment with our on-site lockable short-term storage solutions. Whether it’s for your boat, car, or excess gear, our secure storage units offer peace of mind, convenience, and easy access for all your maritime needs.

Trade Sheds

Trade sheds ranging in size from single garage size to full Trade worksheds pictured below are available for marina services and authorised contractors for short or long term lease – Price on Application.

Expression of Interest - Marina Trade Shed

Prohibited Items

At RQYS, we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our members and guests. To maintain a secure and hazard-free environment within our storage facilities below is a list of items that are not allowed within our trade sheds, garages, and storage units.

Other Amenities & Features

Café, Bar & fine dining restaurant onsite

Shower, Toilet & Laundry facilities

Easy Storage Access

Relax with new friends & new experiences

Short term trailer & boat storage

Access to Canaipa

Our private Russell Island getaway