Flag Officers, Directors & Committees

Excellence leads from the top

Our Club is privileged to have dedicated and experienced Flag Officers, Board of Directors and Committee Members who steer the course of RQYS towards excellence. Comprising individuals with diverse backgrounds and a shared commitment to our maritime community, they work tirelessly to ensure the smooth sailing of our operations, the success of our events, and the overall well-being of our members. Their leadership and dedication are the wind in our sails, guiding us towards a brighter and more exciting future on the water.

Flag Officers & Board of Directors

John Warlow RQYS Commodore

John Warlow


Curtis Skinner RQYS Vice Commodore

Curtis Skinner

Vice Commodore

Todd Anderson RQYS Rear Commodore

Todd Anderson

Rear Commodore

RQYS Director Melissa Hardy (Chair)
Melissa Hardy


RQYS Director Ben Barnes (Treasurer)
Ben Barnes


RQYS Director James Tuma
James Tuma
RQYS Director Nigel Spork
Nigel Spork
RQYS Director Chris Tyquin
Chris Tyquin

Committee Members

  • Ben Barnes | Treasurer & Chair 
  • Jeff Whiteman
  • Jason Titman (from Nov 2023)
  • Kathy Flanigan
  • John Somerville
  • Wendy Johnston | Secretary
  • Grant Somerville | Chair
  • Daniel Alcock
  • Pip Fenwick
  • Alexander (Sandy) Grant
  • Cameron Whitford
  • Alicia Soszynski | Secretary
  • Stewart Cumming | Chair
  • Michael Middleton
  • Trish Brewer
  • Dick Grantley
  • Ian Thomason
  • Peta Prestidge | Invitee
  • Sean Allen | Secretary
  • Jessica Ebelt  | Secretary
  • Fraser Spencer | Chair
  • Peter Watkins
  • Richard Wendt
  • Peter Crooke
  • Grant Hudson
  • Glen Scott | Secretary
  • Greg Kemp | Chair
  • James Tapp
  • Louise Davis
  • Christine Bridge
  • Stephen Tapsall
  • Anton Prange
  • Mick Patrick
  • Mark Dingley | Secretary
  • Scott Anderson | Chair
  • Chris Land
  • Mick Atkinson
  • Steve Christie
  • Ian Purssey
  • Gray Pritchett
  • Mark Dingley | Secretary