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Sailing Academy

The courses and activities available include:

About the RQYS Sailing Academy

The RQYS Sailing Academy offers a wide range of nationally recognised learn to sail and sailing-related courses in dinghies, keelboats, multihulls and boards.

The Academy is an accredited Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Centre that has launched countless sailing careers. Managed by experienced and professional sailing instructors, along with dedicated and fully-trained volunteers, on-water and shore-based courses are conducted regularly throughout the year.

All instructors are qualified through Australian Sailing and place an equal importance on the safety of the student and enjoyment of the course to create the perfect environment for learning.

For the mature student wishing to get into sailing, the courses provide a friendly and accessible entry into the sport and encourages participants with further opportunities to improve and develop sailing skills and techniques. The Sailing Academy also provides a variety of courses and programs for children and teenagers.

What We Cover
The RQYS Sailing Academy covers all types and levels of sailing, ranging from learning to sail a Dinghy, Yacht, Multihull or Board, and recreational or competitive sailing. In addition, most courses cover key skills such as navigating. Whether you’re a beginner or already highly experienced, there is a level within each program to suit you!

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