Sailing Academy

Set Sail For Excellence

The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron’s Sailing Academy, is a premier institution in the world of sailing, and offers a comprehensive platform for individuals eager to learn to sail, providing top-notch coaching and training programs. With its stunning location along the Moreton Bay, the Academy offers an idyllic setting for beginners and experienced sailors alike to embark on their sailing journey. The instructing and coaching team at RQYS Academy comprises seasoned professionals who are not only passionate about the sport but also dedicated to imparting their knowledge and skills to aspiring sailors. Whether you’re a novice eager to hoist your first sail or a seasoned sailor seeking to fine-tune your skills, RQYS Academy’s commitment to excellence and its team of seasoned Instructors and coaches make it the ultimate destination for all things sailing.

What we offer

Performance Coaching

Achieve peak performance with RQYS' professional coaching, hone skills and enhance your competitiveness on the water.

RQ Youth Squad

Join RQYS Youth Squad for weekly training and become your best in competitive youth sailing.