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Term 3 Training

The 2021 Term 3 is all about training for Optimists in Green Fleet and having their own program running with their own coaches.  The purpose of coaches being able to work on strategy and practice racing skills with their sailors to contribute significantly to the skills-development of sailors and allowing them to improve their independence overall on the water.

Green Fleet Optimist Training Commences 17th July – 18th September, 2021

Training will be held Saturday mornings, timings below:

17th July, 2021  0800 – 1100 hrs

24th July, 2021 0900 – 1200 hrs

31st July, 2021 0800 – 1100 hrs

7th August, 2021 0900 – 1200 hrs

14th August, 2021 0800 – 1100 hrs

21st August, 2021 0900 – 1200 hrs

28th August, 2021 0900 – 1200 hrs

4th September, 2021 0800 – 1100 hrs

18th September, 2021 0800 – 1100 hrs

About RQYouthSquad

The RQYouthSquad is a development squad made up of Youth Sailors in a range of classes such as Optimist, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, Flying 11, 29er and Nacras. The RQYouthSquad condenses these separate class fleets into one team.

Group training occurs regularly, run by their invaluable coaches, leading the fleets towards State, National and World level competition. RQYouthSquad is very closely integrated with our Club Racing, which runs weekly in the Summer Season (September – April). Training generally slows down during the Winter Season as there is no regular Saturday Club Racing at this time of the year.

RQ Youth Squad – Term 3 Training


Welcome to Term 3!  Training will recommence on Saturday 24th July, 2021 and all Opti Intermediate, Opti Open and Flying 11 sailors are to be ready to launch at 0900 hrs. Laser 4.7 and Radials, 29ers and Nacra 15’s need to be ready to launch at 1300 hrs. Frostbite Series will run on the 17th July, 31st July, 14th August and 4th September and for more information click 

Saturday Timings 

24th July, 2021 – Intermediate and Open Optis and Flying 11’s  0900 – 1200 hrs

24th July, 2021 – Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, 29ers and Nacra 15’s 1300 -1600 hrs

7th August, 2021 – Intermediate and Open Optis and Flying 11’s  0900 – 1200 hrs

7th August, 2021 – Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, 29ers and Nacra 15’s 1300 -1600 hrs

21st August, 2021 – Intermediate and Open Optis and Flying 11’s  0900 – 1200 hrs

21st August, 2021 – Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, 29ers and Nacra 15’s 1300 -1600 hrs

28th August, 2021 – Intermediate and Open Optis and Flying 11’s  0900 – 1200 hrs

28th August, 2021 – Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, 29ers and Nacra 15’s 1300 -1600 hrs


Single handed – $100

Double handed (excluding Nacras) – $100 each sailor

Double handed Nacras – $150 each sailor

Green Fleet Windsurfing (every second Saturday) $220.

Casual Entry – $40 per person (To be registered Friday day before training).

Please note: to be part of this training you are required to be a junior member of RQYS.  

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RQYouth Squad – For 4.7s, Radials, Techno’s and 29ers

RQYouth Squad Junior Classes for Optis, Flying 11s and 4.7s


Green Fleet Optimists

The RQYS Optimist Fleet is for sailors who have completed Tackers levels 1 to 3, where sailors train and race, with allocated coaches who work with them to develop their skill and strategy on the water. The Optimist Fleet is divided up into three (3) fleets of different skill level. 

Our Optimist Fleet (inclusive of Green, Intermediate and Open Fleet) consists of around 35 sailors.

Green Fleet is the entry level training group where sailors go after completion of Tackers 3. At this point sailors must have signed-up for Junior Membership with the club which can be done by phoning our Membership Manager on 07 3396 8666. Sailors are also strongly encouraged to purchase their own Optimist which can be stored at RQYS for just $125.00 a year. There are usually second-hand boats for sail within the club so keep an eye out. 

Intermediate Fleet follows after Green Fleet. The Optimist Coaches move sailors up based on ability in the class, so the duration in each fleet varies on a child-to-child basis. Intermediate Fleet sailors should be able to compete in large-scale and high-profile regattas such as Nationals etc.. 

Open Fleet follows on from Intermediate Fleet. By this point, sailors are independent with their sailing and the training has a strong focus on refining racing technique. 

Please contact the Sailing Academy if you have any questions on





Flying 11

The Squadron flying 11 fleet has come and gone over the years, but at present supports a healthy Squad of nine (9) boats. The Squad is an excellent Intermediate Class for those who either wish to sail with another person of their own age (from around 10 years old) or as part of a sibling pairing (often up to 14 year olds crewing with siblings over 8 years of age). Crews can sail the boat from around 90kgs combined weight, up to around 110kg combined. The class is an excellent stepping stone into the 29er Class and the class Nationally has produced many sailors now racing at the top levels of a number of Skiff classes as well as Olympians and World Champions.

The Flying 11s usually will train twice a week (one afternoon after school, and on Saturday morning).  There are nine (9) flying 11s at the club, and the fleet is a mix of female and male. 



Laser 4.7 & Radial

The Laser class has been the main-stay of Youth Development at RQYS for well over 15 years, with several past National Champions in the class and a strong masters fleet including multiple World Champions. The Laser 4.7 is an Intermediate class for sailors graduating from Junior classes based on Size or willingness to transition, with the lightest sailors being around 52kg. The class tends to suit early teens with up to a dozen boats involved in club training. From the 4.7 sailors can move into the Laser Radial class when the exceed 65kgs, with this jump being quite significant in skill and physical demands. At this point Youth Sailors will be competing with the Open Women for whom the class is the Olympic Womens Singlehander.