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26.11.2021 – In The Wind: Now – a big triple-header sailing & foiling weekend / Next – Wolfing a final Hobart qualifier!
18.11.2021 – In The Wind: Goodwill Cup / Ross Jullyan Memorial Trophy results, Upcoming racing webinars, Christmas reading
12.11.2021 – In The Wind: Goodwill Cup, Ladies Sunset Drinks, new festive bistro menus, Sailing Academy reports and more!
05.11.2021 – In The Wind: now: QLD Yachting Championships; next: Goodwill Cup (both) weekends; soon: Christmas functions!
28.10.2021 – In The Wind: Public holiday Bistro hours, a very French weekend, and bookings open for Santa!
22.10.2021 – In The Wind: Governance information, Cocktails for a Cause, last-minute Beneteau bookings and more!
15.10.2021 – In The Wind: Last chance for ‘Feast on Fire’ bookings, St Helena Cup results, and piracies past and planned
08.10.2021 – In The Wind: Goodwill Cup (Sail and Power) updates, Yeppoon winners and place-getters and more!
30.09.2021 – In The Wind: Stage 2 restrictions return, as do our Youth Sail winners in Yeppoon
24.09.2021 – In The Wind: Feast On Fire, Captains Table Lunch, And More!
17.09.2021 – In The Wind: Afternoon With Our Olympians, Another Successful Opening Day, And More!
10.09.2021 – Opening of the 137th Sailing Season, History In Pictures, And More!
03.09.2021 – In The Wind: Pop Up Regatta, Afternoon With Our Olympians, New Spring Menu, And More!
27.08.2021 – In The Wind: Sailing Is Back, RQ Quests, Pop Up Regatta And More!
20.08.2021 – In The Wind: Sail Past, Father’s Day, And More!
13.08.2021 – In The Wind: RQYS Olympic Flag Bearer, Pop Up Regatta, and more!
08.08.2021 – In The Wind: Tokyo Olympics, Lockdown, and more!
30.07.2021 – In The Wind: Brisbane Yachting Expo Is Underway, B2K + B2HI Starts Next Week, And More!
23.07.2021 – In The Wind: Brisbane Yachting Expo, B2K & B2HI Entries close tomorrow
16.07.2021 – In The Wind: Annual General Meeting and Election of Officers and Committee Results
09.07.2021 – In The Wind: Youth Week Wrap Up, Opportunity of a Lifetime for our Youth Members, AGM
02.07.2021 – In The Wind: QLD Youth Week, COVID Lockdown, Spectator Vessels and more!
25.06.2021 – In The Wind: The Annual Senior Presentation of Trophies, The Jake Lilley Finn QLD Championship Training Regatta, and more!
17.06.2021 – In The Wind: Tuesday Night Trivia, VX One Winter Nationals, Spectator Vessels, and more!
11.06.2021 – In The Wind: Exciting Changes, RQ Youth Squad Sponsor Event, and more!
04.06.2021 – In The Wind: Memorial Service for John Cuneo OAM, Women’s Keelboat Cup Success, and more…
28.05.2021 – In The Wind: Canaipa 30 a Success, Gill QLD Youth Week, and more…
21.05.2021 – In The Wind: 2 Sleeps Until Canaipa 30, Squadron Rum Has Arrived, and more!
14.05.2021 – In The Wind: Canaipa Celebrations and Long House, Welcome Event for New Sponsors, and more!
07.05.2021 – In The Wind: Bonner Volunteer Award, Marina Directors Appointed, and more…
30.04.2021 – In The Wind: Squadron Rum, Canaipa Cup, Mother’s Day Crafternoon, and more!
23.04.2021 – In The Wind: 5 Gold Anchors, RQYS and Yachtshare at SCIBS, One Month Until Canaipa Festival, and more!
15.04.2021 – In The Wind: Paying Respects, Signature Races, Laser State Titles, and more…
08.04.2021 – In The Wind: Bar Renovations, Canaipa Celebrations, Welcome Multihull Solutions, and more!
01.04.2021 – In The Wind: Lockdown Lifted, Happy Easter, and more!
30.03.2021 – RQYS eDM: Sport and Recreation Update from Australian Sailing
29.03.2021 – RQYS eDM: 3-Day Lockdown | Changes to Club Operations
26.03.2021 – In The Wind: Photo Competition Extended, Twilight Match Racing Finals, and more…
19.03.2021 – In The Wind: Myora Cup Results, On-going Club Maintenance, New Kids Playground, and more!
12.03.2021 – In The Wind: Best Sports Club, Youth Voyages, and more!
05.03.2021 – In The Wind: Photo Competition, Watch America’s Cup LIVE, and more!
26.02.2021 – In The Wind: Signature Race Dates, Defending Champions, Sharkcat Refurbishments, and more!
18.02.2021 – In The Wind: Continuing Growth, New Members’ Night, Bistro Service Times, and more…
11.02.2021 – In The Wind: Hospitality UPDATE, Myora Cup Navigation Event, and more…
04.02.2021 – In The Wind: BrisVegas Windfoils, Return of Club Racing, Valentine’s Day, and more!
29.01.2021 – In The Wind: Brilliant Australia Day, Twilight Match Racing Series, and more!
21.01.2021 – In The Wind: Starting 2021 With a Band, Australia Day, and more!
14.01.2021 – In The Wind: Our Selfless Volunteers, Australia Day, Envy Scooters Summer Regatta, and more!
07.01.2021 – In The Wind: Happy New Year, Envy Scooters Summer Regatta, and more!

24.12.2020 – In The Wind: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
17.12.2020 – In The Wind: Tie Down for Storm Season, Holiday Fuel Discount, and more!
10.12.2020 – In The Wind: Canaipa Celebrations Postponed, XV One QLD Championships, and more!
03.12.2020 – In The Wind: Sail Brisbane Success, Holiday Season Events, and more!
27.11.2020 – In The Wind: Sail Brisbane this Weekend, Flying Sponsor Flags, and more!
19.11.2020 – In The Wind: Racing Rules of Sailing Information Sessions, Beer Off The Wood, and more…
12.11.2020 – In The Wind: Goodwill Trophy Successfully Retained, Splice The Mainbrace, and more!
05.11.2020 – In The Wind: Canaipa’s 30th Anniversary, Vale Susie Crooke, Goodwill Cup Navigation Event, and more…
29.10.2020 – In The Wind: Storm Season Upon Us, Old Buffers Morning Tea, Windward to Fantasia, and more!
22.10.2020 – In The Wind: Sailing Results, Goodwill Cup & Captains Table Luncheon
15.10.2020 – In The Wind: Members Lunch, Children’s Christmas Party, Passing of a Member, and more…
09.10.2020 – In The Wind: Award Finalists, Upcoming Events, and more!
02.10.2020 – In The Wind: Gym Opening, QLD Youth Champs, New Trading Hours, and more…
24.09.2020 – In The Wind: QLD Yachting Champs Results, Beneteau Cup, QLD Youth Champs, and more!
17.09.2020 – In The Wind: Queensland Sailing Awards, Barranjoey Pin Recipients, Melbourne Cup Luncheon, and more!
10.09.2020 – In The Wind: Opening Day Success, Save The Date, Season’s Entries, and more!
03.09.2020 – In The Wind: Opening Day Guide, Welcome Aboard New Sponsor, and more!
02.09.2020 – RQYS eDM: COVID Safe Opening Day
28.08.2020 – In The Wind: Your Complete Guide to Opening Day, Father’s Day, and more!
20.08.2020 – In The Wind: Ancora dropping anchor, Opening Day, QLD Yachting Championships, and more!
13.08.2020 – In The Wind: Bar Closure, Goodwill Refurbishment, Ancora Coming Soon, and more!
06.08.2020 – In The Wind: Renting Opportunity, Great B2K, WAGS Report, and more!
30.07.2020 – In The Wind: Brisbane to Keppel Tomorrow, Etchells Fleet Report, and more!
23.07.2020 – In The Wind: Canaipa Upgrade, Committee Positions 2020/2021, and more!
17.07.2020 – In The Wind: QLD Youth Week(end), Division Yachts Winter Series, Brisbane to Keppel, and more!
10.07.2020 – RQYS eDM: The Boardwalk Cafe Reopening!
09.07.2020 – In The Wind: Boardwalk Cafe Re-opening, WAGS is Back, and more…
03.07.2020 – RQYS eDM: Sailing & Hospitality Updates!
02.07.2020 – In The Wind: Annual Report Now Available, Easing Restrictions, Queensland Youth Week(end), and more!
01.07.2020 – RQYS eDM: Good News – Restrictions Easing!
26.06.2020 – In The Wind: AGM Notices, Progress to Normality, Coaching Resumed, and more!
23.06.2020 – RQYS eDM: WAGS Super Specials, Last of the Line Clearance Sale!
18.06.2020 – In The Wind: Signature Races Confirmed, Marina Roadworks, Live Interview with Mara Stransky, and more…
16.06.2020 – RQYS eDM: Super Clearance Specials, Roadway Maintenance
13.06.2020 – RQYS eDM: ENTRIES OPEN for Squadron Signature Races!
11.06.2020 – In The Wind: Congratulations Ron, Successful WAGS Training Session, Marina Roadway and Carpark Maintenance, and more…
09.06.2020 – RQYS eDM: Carpark and Roadway Maintenance
05.06.2020 – RQYS eDM: RQ Bar and Boardwalk Takeaway Reopening, WAGS Returning Next Week
04.06.2020 – In The Wind: WAGS Returns Next Week, New Opening Hours, and more…
28.05.2020 – In The Wind: Good Luck Liam, Boardwalk Takeaway, Passing of a Member, and more…
21.05.2020 – In The Wind: Olympians Never Slowing Down, Last of Line Beverage Specials, and more!
14.05.2020 – In The Wind: New Restrictions, Sailing Starting Up, eSailing Champion, and more!
07.05.2020 – In The Wind: Reboot Planning, Expressions of Interest, eSailing Championships, and more!


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