Dinghy Hardstand

How to get a Dinghy Hardstand Spot

The Dinghy Hardstand is currently at capacity for ground level spaces, with some top rack laser spots available. All new enquiries will immediately be placed on the waiting list. 

Hardstand Availabilities
Hardstand Spots Used 98%
  • Are a Junior, Young Adult or Full Member of RQYS

  • Have a current insurance policy on the vessel with valid third-party insurance liability with a minimum cover of $10,000,000AUD per incident or the equivalent

  • Currently or plan to actively use the dinghy. 

Applications are currently Closed as the Dinghy Hardstand is currently at Full Capacity. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Sailing Office sailing@rqys.com.au

The RQYS Sailing Office will review your application and contact you with either available storage options or to be placed on the waiting list. 

(Contact will usually be made through the email address on your Application Form)

Once you select an available storage location you will be sent a “Hardstand Rules & Agreement Form”. This form outlines the rules of storing a boat in the RQYS Hardstands aswell as confirms agreed boat details, start & end date, storage location & storage rate. 

Once the Hardstand Rules & Agreement Form is complete and sent back to the RQYS Sailing office along with copy of the boats insurance, the RQYS Sailing office will confirm receipt and approval of these documents. After this you will be able to store your dinghy in the agreed storage position / area.