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The RQYS Sailing Academy provides an extensive array of nationally recognized courses in the realms of learning to sail and sailing-related activities, spanning dinghies, keelboats, powerboats, and windsurfers. As an accredited Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Centre, the Academy has been the springboard for numerous successful sailing journeys. Our experienced and professional staff, bolstered by dedicated and fully trained volunteers, consistently conduct on-water and shore-based courses throughout the year. Our instructors and coaches hold qualifications from Australian Sailing, placing equal emphasis on ensuring student safety and fostering an enjoyable learning experience, thus crafting an ideal environment for skill acquisition.



Discover the world of sailing with our diverse dinghy courses. Children can jump into the excitement with "Sail and Play" and "Tackers," while teenagers and adults can begin their journey with "Start Sailing 1 & 2."


Our adult keelboat courses cater to all levels. "Start Crewing and Helming" is ideal for beginners, while "Start Skippering" offers intermediate-level training, enhancing leadership and navigation skills.


Our windsurfing courses cater to all skill levels. "Start Windsurfing" is perfect for beginners, where as "Club Windsurfing" offers opportunities to meet other windsurfers in a social and volunteer run session.


Our powerboat courses cater to various needs. "Powerboat Handling" focuses on boat skills, while "Safety Boat Operator" prepares for water-based activities, racecourse design, and dinghy rescue methods.