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Division Yachts Sailing Instructions

OTB Sailing Instructions



Come join the RQYS Sailing Volunteers, we welcome you to our team!   Free practical Race Management training available, check out our Volunteer Roster System for upcoming Training Descriptions and dates. 

Here is some information describing our upcoming Training sessions:  new information coming soon…

We need volunteers for these upcoming events:

Sailing Activities at RQYS   

Off-the-Beach Classes

  • Race day is Saturday September – April Sailing Season
  • First Warning Signal: 1330h
  • Season Points 1 and 2 all boats
  • Racing is conducted on scratch for those classes with enough competitors to make a fleet, VYC for all boats and handicap for everyone
  • Racing is conducted across the Southern, Northern and Eastern courses depending on which fleets we send to each course on any given day


  • Race day is Saturday
  • First Warning Signal: 1330h
  • Etchells race on the Northern course, Eastern course for squadron championship races
  • There are special Etchells events through the year

 Division Yachts

  • Race days are Saturdays and Sundays depending on the Sailing Program
  • First Warning Signal: 1100h on Sundays
  • Sign on with the start boat on channel 72
  • The season is split into the following series
    • Season Points
    • Squadron Championship
    • Passage Race
    • Round the Cans
    • Pursuit Races

Major Yearly Events

Club Racing Every Saturday report time 1130

Division yacht Racing on some Sundays report time 0900

14-15 November Division Yachts Goodwill Cup Regatta

12-13 December Sail Brisbane

Manly Summer of Sailing 2021

    • 22 – 24 January VX One Australian Championships


Club Racing starts again the 12th of September 2020,  This includes the Off the Beach classes on the Northern and Southern courses on Saturdays and the Division yachts Passage and Round the Cans races on Saturdays or Sundays. 
We would love to have you be a part of our team!!  Sign up by going to the roster calendar and I will add you to the day and roles you choose – let me know what you prefer to do for the day by leaving a note. We appreciate your time and generous contribution of time.  Come join us by joining the roster system here 
Please come join our facebook Volunteers group and let me know what training sessions you are interested in doing.  If I don’t have an area of training on the poll matching your interests, please let me know via email or message what you would like to do.  The training sessions will be an hour each Saturday morning – with Course laying/Crew and RIB handling sessions happening concurrently with race management skills.
We have moved the Volunteer Equipment Room up to it’s new location, next door to the Multi-Hull Central Offices, overlooking the Marina holding area.
Please call me if you have any questions  07 3396 8666

The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron appreciates all volunteers. Their contribution to the club is vital to ensure successful, well organised club events. Without them we would not have the extensive sailing calendar members enjoy each year.

DON’T GET STUCK ON SHORE! At RQYS, volunteering is being a part of some exciting regattas coming up through to Manly Summer of Sailing 2020. Get involved and trained now to be a part of these World class events!

Volunteering is a great way to keep yourself active and at the same time to enjoy the benefits of being a part of one of Queensland’s highly-regarded and friendliest sailing clubs. The Squadron is known as “Regatta City” for hosting a wide range of sailing class State, National and World events.

Our volunteers range from the dedicated who volunteer on a regular basis, to those who only volunteer once or twice a year.  There is no requirement to volunteer a minimum number of times per annum. When you volunteer we provide a lunch made up of a sandwich/wrap or roll, a chocolate bar and a bottle of water.  You are also given points on your card that can be redeemed for something from the cafe or bar. We are lucky enough to have volunteer shirts provided by our sponsors Yachtshare and you will receive one of these after you have completed 5 days of volunteering.  We also have a Volunteer Thank you Night once a year, and throughout the year we have little celebration parties just for fun.

RQYS Volunteers are involved with both on-shore and on-water roles as a part of the sailing activities, so there truly is something for everyone. Volunteers assist the Sailing Office in conducting the Sailing Program of the Squadron in many different ways, from the highly qualified and experienced Race Officers on the water, to the Communications Volunteer and Ramp Marshals on shore.

The list below will provide some insight into the many and varied roles and we provide training for all of these areas:

  • Race Officers
  • Start Boat Crews (Recorders, timekeepers, flag signals, sound/signals)
  • Finish Boat Skippers and crew (Recorders, timekeepers)
  • Course Layer Skippers and crew
  • Patrol Boat Skippers and crew
  • Start/Finish Mark Skippers and crew
  • Communications Volunteer (Radio Operators)
  • Ramp Marshals
  • In-Harbour Retrieval Skipper and crew

Training is provided for qualified volunteers, which may include:

  • First Aid
  • Radio MROCP
  • Course laying and GPS
  • Power boat handling
  • Safety boat endorsement
  • Race management
  • Towing and de-rigging

 Want to find out how?  Click the video below

Checks and screening for Volunteers

The RQYS is committed to child safety and youth protection.  Our Member Protection Policy details our policies to ensure a safe environment for children and young people.  The policy can be accessed here  our Child Youth Management Risk Strategy can be viewed here.  Other policies relating to Codes of Behaviour for members are available here.

Volunteers may be required to undergo checks and screening for certain activities, dependent on organisational and legislative requirements. This includes RQYS volunteers, as we work with children and young people.  It is a requirement of volunteering at the RQYS that each volunteer has a QLD Positive Notice Blue Card in their possession, even if you are a parent whose child is participating in the sport.  If you do not have a child participating in an event, you will need to wait until your Blue Card application has been approved before you can take part in events that have participants under 18 years of age.  If you already have a Blue Card for Working with Children with another organisation, you need to complete a form Linking you to this organisation.  Please apply for your blue card via this link

  Our Child Safety Policy is attached for your review.  For blue cards go to this link

We welcome you to our band of dedicated Volunteers. We as a team are committed to excellence in Race Management while very much enjoying our contribution to the Squadron’s goals.
For more information, call the Volunteer Coordinator, Susie Jones on 3396 8666 or email:

You can also come join us on facebook.

Volunteering FAQ