Boat Storage on Water

Permanent Agreements

Make RQYS your boat’s long term home with a permanent agreement. Our berths range in size from 10m to 36m. Permanent Agreements are available for members only however we are more than happy to step you through the membership application process and can even help you find your sponsors if you would like to join.  

You can cancel your permanent agreement at any time by giving 2 weeks written notice however if you are only going away short term and plan to return we recommend you hold onto your berth as due to high demand and scarcity in particular of larger berths we cannot guarantee any berth availability on your return. If you hold a long term agreement we can find tenants for you while you are away and disburse rental income to your member account*

We are not currently taking applications for long term liveaboards.

*Terms and conditions apply as outlined in the rules and policies published on this website.

VIP & Casual/Short Term Bookings

RQYS welcomes both members and visitors for short term or casual stays of up to 3 months*. Visitors are charged an access fee and issued with an access code which gives them access to our gates, laundry, showers and toilets. We waive this fee for members of Southport Yacht Club and other Royal Yacht club of Australia.

Our berths range in size from 10m to 36m. Full Members are entitled to short term stays on our VIP Jetty free of charge*

Permission to liveaboard during a short term or casual stay is at the discretion of the Marina Manager liveaboard fees are currently $212.19 per month or part thereof but are waived for stays of less than 1 week.

Should you wish to stay for longer than 3 months you will need to apply for Full RQYS Membership.

Purchase a Long Term Lease

The ideal solution if you are looking for long term berth is to purchase a long term lease. Long term leases in Marina 1 end on 31/12/2041 and on 23/02/2035 in Marina 2. The legal process for transfer of the berth interests is handled by our solicitors Thomson Geer.

A full list of long term leases currently available is shown below. Please contact the marina office if you are interested in the sale or purchase of a long term lease.

Berth #Vessel Length PermittedPriceDate Listed
10m Berths
F0810 x 3.85m$70,000 – ONO 
F0910 x 3.85m$70,000 
F2510 x 3.85m$47,950 
F2710 x 3.85m$46,000 
F3310 x 3.85m$45,000 
G810 x 3.95m$60,000 – Close to the car park, Marina facilities & clubhouse.5 Feb, 2024
G1310 x 3.95m

$65,000 – Who wants to walk when you could be sailing?

This berth is really close to the carpark, so you can get to enjoying your boat sooner.  Currently long term tenanted if you’d like a hassle free investment whilst you find your own boat.

8 Apr, 2024
G2310 x 3.95m

$50,000 – Negotiable.

Blow on berth if afternoon NE sea breeze has kicked in.

25 Mar, 2024
G3310 x 3.95m$44,000 
G4410 x 3.95m$50,0004 Aug, 2023
G5110 x 3.95m$50,000 – Ideally placed, second last berth on finger for easy entrance/exit. 
12m Berths
H2412 x 4.55m$75,000 – Blow on berth10 May, 2024
H2512 x 4.55m$75,0001 Mar, 2024
H2712 x 4.5m$75,000 
H3312 x 4.55m

$78,000 – Good condition, short distance to main channel.

H4212 x 4.55m$65,000 
K0312 x 4.65m

$99,000 – Close to Club House, car park and amenities.

18 Aug, 2023
K0912 x 4.65m$98,000 – Negotiable. 
13m Berths
J1013 x 4.75m$85,000 – Blow-on berth. 
X0113.5 x 4.7m$80,000 
W0813.5 x 7.4m$150,000 – Multihull blow-on-berth. 
15m Berths
U1615 x 5m

$90,000 – Blow-on berth from the SE. Rear fender.

23 Apr, 2024
U0315 x 5m$92,500 
U1015 x 5m$100,000 – Negotiable. 
U1315 x 5m$105,000 
D1915 x 5.1m$120,00024 Jan, 2024
K2415 x 5.15mNegotiable 
K2815 x 5.15m$95,500 – Negotiable. 
L0715 x 5.15m$160,000 
L3415 x 5.15m$130,000 
L4215 x 5.15m $130,000 – Deeper berth. 
B0115 x 5.2m

$130,000 – One of the closest berths to the Clubhouse in the tightly held A/B Row.

Very close to all facilities. Berths on this arm don’t come on the market very often.

B0515 x 5.2m$160,000 
V415 x 7.9m$175,000 – Suits Multihull Blow-on berth.15 Feb, 2024
16m Berths
S0716 x 5.2m$100,000 
17m Berths
M1317 x 5.6m$145,000 
M1417 x 5.6m$133,000 
M2717 x 5.6m$139,000 – Blow on berth in excellent condition with near new super pontoon fenders. 
M2817 x 5.6m$130,000 – Wide fairway for easy entry and exit to berth, close to amenities. 
M3517 x 5.6m$140,000 
M3717 x5.6m$140,000 – Wide Channel, Easily Accessible for Large Boats, Very Private Location. 
J4217 x 5.8m$150,000 
E0717 x 5.725m$150,000 – Blow on berth close to carpark. 
18m Berths
P0918 x 6m$225,00015 May, 2024
S2030m single pen$550,000