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Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing

Every Wednesday of every year (weather permitting), enthusiastic yachties take the afternoon off work and venture to RQYS for a sail around Green Island, just for the fun of it!

Rearrange your schedule and get on down to the RQ Bar from 12 noon to enter your yacht, or register your interest to sail. Our WAGS Team will do their best to place visiting sailors on a yacht, however can not guarantee that a position will be available. Non-members are able to join in with WAGS three (3) times before they are required to become a member of the Squadron.


The Early History of WAGS 1977-1986

As told by John Taylor and Mike Thurlow (With reference to notes by Ross Jullyan dated April 1996). In May 1978 in pre-marina days Ross Jullyan (Avian IV), John Taylor (Orpheus) and Mike Thurlow (Wallen) began Wednesday Afternoon Sailing when the three of them were working on their boats at a work pontoon. Someone suggested it was a too nice a day to be varnishing – they should be sailing! The next suggestion was a race and when the course was set they were off.

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