May 22, 2018

Five yachts and their fortunate crew are finalising departure arrangements as the weather window has now arrived.  Nicki C, with Ian Cooper and his friends, are likely to be the first departing yacht and is planning to buck the trends he experienced 3 years ago.

There was a farewell dinner and safety briefing held Monday evening 21st May where Brady outlined the safety procedures and communication protocols for the cruise rally.  Skeds will be carried out for this cruise using satellite phones, which will be supported by HF radio skeds as necessary.  All yachts have been issued with Yellow Brick trackers and interested persons can follow the cruise progress through the website.

An interesting race has been constructed for the cruise rally with virtual gates being created off Cape Moreton and the French New Caledonia territorial waters.  Yachts will be required to advise hours of motoring to assist in the adjustment of handicap results.  Huge prizes are to be awarded to the winning yachts on their return to this great southern land after the adventure.

All participating yachts are again receiving a special commemorative plaque.  This is an engraved piece of Huon Pine that Past Commodore Tony Love came across in the Huon River some years ago.  This same log has now supplied plaques for the race/rally in 2012, 2015 and 2018 – a fitting memento for such an extensive undertaking.

To all those yachts that hoped to participate, watch the progress on the website as those fortunate ones depart and enjoy the journey.

It’s about the journey and the destination …

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