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Squadron End of Year Specials!

Christmas may be done and dusted for another year but our Specials keep going!

Save on Membership, Merchandise, and in the Slipway!


Membership Specials!

Specials for most membership categories!


Merchandise End of Year Clearance Specials!

Assorted Sports Leisure Polos – down to $42.00 from $49.95
Mixed Variety Musto Polos – down to $60.00 from $85.00
Musto Ambrose Knit Sweater – down to $99.00 (near cost) from $150.00
Men’s Chinos – down to $88.00 (near cost) from $150.00

*Limited sizes and designs – while stocks last.
*Specials only apply to marked items.


Slipway Specials!

The Xmas special runs from 17/12/18 to 14/1/19

1. Travelift, wash and return (half price) under 2 hours
2. Travel lift and wash (half price) and a flat rate service area charge of $300 
( providing the boat is in the service area until 14/1/19)

*If your boat is slipped after 2/1/19, the Xmas special is available only if your boat stays in the service area until 14/1/19).*