Navigational Yacht on Moreton Bay punching through waves

November 08, 2023

Goodwill Cup Navigation Event secured by RQYS for 2023!

Now, let’s take a moment for some well-deserved gloating about winning back the highly sought-after trophy in the enduring rivalry since 1962 between two yacht clubs, Southport Yacht Club and The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. It’s a testament to the dedication, skill, and camaraderie of our sailors.

Amidst the navigational challenges that felt like a journey through hell itself, thanks to Chris Land’s devilishly designed course with three right-angle turns and a treacherous westward steer into the abyss, the Goodwill Cup 2023 became a true test of our mettle. One could almost picture Chris himself, down in the depths, stoking the furnace where they make the pokers red hot. But let’s hope he finds enjoyment in the afterlife, wherever that may be.

The Navigation race started with a robust fleet of 44 boats, but due to mechanical issues, we were forced to carry on with 41. And it was during this challenging race that the Hawaiian shirts donned by the RQYS crews revealed their hidden advantage. The bright and cheerful attire not only added a touch of tropical flair to the event but also seemed to infuse our sailors with an extra dose of enthusiasm and camaraderie. It’s amazing how a bit of colour and a dash of tropical spirit can uplift the crew’s morale and performance.

Despite Chris’s efforts to send us all mad, the sailors of the traditional fleet in this year’s Goodwill Cup managed to pull off some incredible performances. The star of the show was Craig Black on Odyssey, securing an astounding 30 points, marking his third consecutive Goodwill Cup victory. It’s clear that he’s set the bar so high that it’ll require a high jumper to even come close.

Following in his wake were Charles Kirby on his new Nocturn and Phil Holzberger on Cloud Catcher, both seasoned podium regulars (I may have just coined a new term there). James Ohare on Fortitude and our own Commodore aboard Kingfisher rounded out the top positions. With RQYS boats dominating the top five in the traditional category, our retention of the Goodwill Cup was practically assured.

In the GPS division, the competition was intense, with SYC boats securing 1st and 4th place. Todd Brooker on Mia managed an impressive 6 points across 30 gates, a remarkable feat, although it becomes more understandable when you learn they entered a whopping 311 waypoints into their GPS. PC Dennis Land came in a close second, just 2 points behind, or roughly 0.06 seconds per gate, and then another 3 points back to Chris Land, affectionately referred to as “Lucifer’s love child.”

Philip Barlow from SYC and Vice Commodore Curtis Skinner rounded out the top 5 in GPS, and it was delightful to see Philip take home the Wallace Bishop memorial trophy for the best handicap performance. In the traditional division, our own Commodore John Warlow was the worthy recipient of the John Crooke Memorial trophy for handicap performance.

Despite this being the 62nd edition of the cup, the number of competitors remained strong, with 41 boats completing the course. Fifteen of those hailed from SYC, and we are truly grateful for their continued support of the event. We have no doubt that they’ll return next year with a burning desire to reclaim the Goodwill Cup.

Special thanks go to our sponsors Trymax, XXXX, GCCM, Dometic, and Oatley Wines for their invaluable support in making this event possible. Also, our appreciation extends to the new catering team, Sean and Sheridan, and our caretakers at Canaipa, who served up a fantastic meal. Let’s not forget John Higgins for his dedicated efforts in organising breakfast for 150 hungry participants.

The Myora Cup, scheduled for the first Saturday in March 2024, is our next log racing event. If you’re interested in joining the log racing events at RQYS but don’t know where to start, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Scott Anderson, the Chairman of the Powerboat Committee, at

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