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RQYS has a number of skippers looking for crew on both a permanent and casual basis.

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Elyse Robin-Boulanger

Hey! My name is Elyse, I am a Canadian environmental engineer & sailor currently in Sydney Harbour. I have done a lot of regattas, usually as a bow person, and lately I have gotten more into cruising and deliveries. I have just gotten back to Australia after sailing from Newcastle to New Caledonia on a Bluewater 420, and before that I brought a J/99 back to Sydney after the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour regatta. I would love to join a boat for the race or for a delivery before or after the race! I have completed the theory for the Safety & Sea Survival course, just missing the wet drills now.
Contact Number:61478501694
Boat Looking to Crew On:Competitive boat for the race of a delivery before or after the race
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:No
Crew Position:Usually on bow
Crewing Experience:

Usually on bow, racing on various boats in Sydney Harbour, I did Sail Port Stephens on an Elliott 11
A lot of racing and lately more deliveries
May 2023 – Newcastle (NSW) to New Caledonia – 1000 nm
April 2023 – Port Stephens to Sydney – 80 nm
April 2023 – Coffs Harbour to Sydney – 235 nm
And few more deliveries back in Canada.

Isaac Donnelly

Looking for a few race days on a big boat over winter
Contact Number:0423988323
Boat Looking to Crew On:35ft+
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:Yes
Crew Position:Any
Crewing Experience:

Crewed all positions. Qualified skipper.

Daniela Pachlova

I am looking for a part-time job at the moment.
Contact Number:0415965756
Boat Looking to Crew On:Sailing Yacht or Motor Yacht
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:No
Crew Position:Chief Stewardess, Deck/Stewardess
Crewing Experience:

Chief Stewardes on 30m Motor Yacht
Sole Stewardes on 30m Sailing Boat
2nd Stewardes on 30m Motor Yacht

– experiences with interior (housekeeping, flower arrangements, provisioning)
– experiences with exterior (deck maintenance, handling lines/fenders, anchoring operation, dry dock maintenance
– experiences in kitchen (basic cooking for guests, main meals for crew)

Christopher Dawson
Contact Number:0422015111
Boat Looking to Crew On:Etchells or Flying Fifteen
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:No
Crew Position:Any
Crewing Experience:

Comp Crew, Start Sailing 1 & 2, sailing my own 16 foot Open Boat (Lug Sail Ply)

Dario Maruca

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been learning to sail over the past year to follow a passion for the sport. Currently retiring from Rugby so looking to join a crew for semi-regular racing but also happy to just go cruising.

Happy to work any position on any boat, anything that’s gets more time under sail is welcome!

Brisbane-based and have a fair flexibility with work.

Looking forward to getting in contact.
Contact Number:0414173756
Boat Looking to Crew On:Any
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:No
Crew Position:Any
Crewing Experience:

Aside from social sailing on dinghies, no crewing experience outside of formal courses (listed below)

RYA Competent Crew

Start Sailing 1
Start Sailing 2
Better Sailing 6

Mitchel Russo

Looking to get out on the water and grow my skills.
Contact Number:0427473532
Boat Looking to Crew On:Any
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:No
Crew Position:Deckhand
Crewing Experience:

I have experience on yachts, but not racing. Completed a southern ocean delivery of a 50ft catermaran at the end of 2021. And I have recently complete a deckhand course in cowes on the isle of Wight, UK. I grew up in the bayside and did some dinghy sailing as a kid.

Ludovic Huneau

Passionate beginner, fast learner and always willing to help.
Contact Number:0422289165
Boat Looking to Crew On:any
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:Yes
Crew Position:Any-Beginner
Crewing Experience:

I am a passionate beginner who love to learn everything about sailing. I have completed few personal courses and starting my journey to be a certified competed Crew this year and Day skipper next year.
I would be more that happy to learn and develop new sailing skills and I am always willing to help.


Tony Gates

Happy to help with boat maintenance and general duties.
Contact Number:0421799974
Boat Looking to Crew On:Any day, weekend or longer racing and/or cruising. Syd to Hobart (one day!)
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:Yes
Crew Position:Any. Bit big for the bow.
Crewing Experience:

Couple of Gladestone races back when. RYA day skipper. Elliotts at defence force regattas. Hobie Magics.


Callum Bonaci

I’m 16 years old and am looking for a boat to do the Brisbane to Hamilton Island Yacht Race and possible Hamilton Island Race Week. I am a confident in what I know and am not afraid to put my self out of my comfort zone and try new things, but I know my limits. I am extremely passionate in sailing and have a good work ethic to any job that needs to be done.
Contact Number:0432501651
Boat Looking to Crew On:Keel Boat
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:Yes
Crew Position:Any
Crewing Experience:

– 9 years total
– 9 years in dinghy’s such as optis, sabots, MG14 and 29er.
– several nationals, states, youth championships and a mix of other regattas.
– 1 year in a keel boat in positions such as bowman and currently main trim.

Ryan Turner

Available weekend 25/26
Contact Number:0406471258
Boat Looking to Crew On:VX One
Silver Card:No
RQYS Member:No
Crew Position:Any
Crewing Experience:

Hobie 16/18, sports dinghies