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Last nights forum was held in the auditorium to update information for the forthcoming race and cruise in May/June this year. Key speakers included Commodore Mark Gallagher who outlined the hospitality and arrangements for receiving yachts at Port Moselle in Noumea. A race/rally village is being established for arriving yachts with participating members around 60 including yachts from Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The Chateau Royale Noumea is where the presentation function will be held.

Brady has produced an updated Notice of Race which includes the cruise rally participants.  Yachting Australia agrees the approach to safety and compliance with Cat 1 for the race and cruise. Cruising boats are encouraged to undertake a preliminary safety inspection with one of the safety auditors including Chris Morgan so that compliance deviations can be established early and a solution worked forward to meet safety intent of Cat 1.

Tony Love outlined many cruising ventures and interaction with the local natives and outlined typical gifts and items of use.  Things such as pliers and rope and fishing tackle are highly regarded gifts but given just to the chief may not necessarily make their way to the natives, so direct gifting is encouraged.

Sweethearts cruising plans include a short stay in Noumea but spending most time in Vanuatu, returning via Huon and Chesterfield reefs and possibly the outer lagoon, subject to clearances. Tony also outlined the complexities of Customs and Immigration particularly when seeking approval to stay at Huon and Chesterfield reefs.  Also crew arriving by air and departing on your yacht need special approvals prior to arrival. Sweetheart is planning on returning to Rivergate 3rd week of July.

Steve Everett outlined Salacia’s cruising plans and also provided a detailed insight into effective food planning for extended offshore journeys. Fruit, vegetables and eggs can be kept for extended periods without refrigeration. Rubbish disposal is a key item with plastics being able to be compressed into milk bottles using a suitable timber dowell which may also have other uses.

Look to the website for further details on all this  planning information when contemplating the voyage.

Further information sessions will be announced in the coming weeks.

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