February 28, 2017


Backing up from our record breaking fleet championships held at RQ in mid Feb where we had a fleet of 21 boats attend with 18 of them from RQ Brisbane fleet.

Last weekend saw us back up for Saturday racing with 11 boats, considering we have 35 resident Etchells sitting at RQ, the building numbers in anticipation for the Worlds to be held at our club October next year is looking awesome.

Saturday saw some great sailing in moderate increasing to fresh SE breeze with an out-going tide, and yes the “Waterloo Bay torture track” still likes Lota Creek. Some shifts made it interesting and kept the lead changes going both races.

The first race saw the fleet push the line with a general recall, Big Al and Team Athena were the prime suspect starting at the boat creating the rot and Patto starting at the pin boat early as well so effectively hiding the fleet from who then took the initiative and launched together. Anyway U flag start next with Team Land Rat perfect a perfect boat end start at speed with Team Beluga Girls Racing hooking a nice mid line start which looked pretty close to being over J. With some wiggles and shifts Team BGR (Big Girls racing?) and Waterloo Bay led Land Rat around the top with Marty The Saint came around in very close order.

The downwind was close with Team Land Rat giving it to BGR (Better General Recreation?) and forcing them into an error at the bottom mark rounding seeing them plant the mark square on and having to do a circle. Apart from providing some of the funniest Etchells activities witnessed over a 15 second period, the effort awarded Bradley the Red Plastic Anchor award for the week. Team BGR (Bing Grosby Returns?) are adamant that some boat maintenance to the tiller extension would have helped in this situation. Anyway Patto sensing Bradley’s dilemma took the safe option and went to the opposite mark with the view to split from the fleet and attempt to jump into a commanding lead by hitting Green island so hard they would need to check the depth with a small paddle. Alas it wasn’t to be as his mainsail fell down as they rounded to come on the wind and that was the end of Patto for the day. The Saint being well sailed suddenly sniffed blood and started pushing the Land Rat up the next beat even throwing in some commendable lee bows. Of course you don’t poke a Rat and with the compliment returned (in spades J) on the lay line, The Saint had to settle for a close second around the top for the last time, where they proceed to set The Saint’s umbrella instead of the kite and while they were sorting it out Team BGR (Badgers Go racing?), were able to run them down and give them some love into the finish to get back to second spot.

Race two saw up to 20 kts and the race track starting to turn into what can only be “described as a quagmire” with some “Tuck twisting waves” and plenty of “Nip and Tuck” provided.

With only seven boats making the second start with gear failure the prime cause, another great race ensured with Team BGR ( Ballistic Gristle Reactor?) once again leading around the first circuit with Land Rat giving it to them downhill and pressuring them into an unforced error at the bottom mark and able to sail through to leeward at the rounding to go on to win the race. Team BGR (Bad Green Rice?) Spokesperson at the press conference mentioned the maintenance program again. Anyway Big Al and Team Athena who have started showing some real form took out second, Dave Healey Rapscallions third and Lorie with nice Sea Legs came up to 4th .

Good gathering at the debrief with the race leaders having to wait in the crane queue for a change, another great day all round. And perfect for a day of “Stripey Grant Quotes” shall he be forever missed.



That is October next year, time to start putting your competition plan in motion.

If you have always wanted to compete in a Worlds and literally be guaranteed to be sailing against international sailors who are at the top of their game this is the chance right on your doorstep.

With our local fleet selection allocation relaxed to 50% of our registered fleet numbers we expect spots available for at least 15 boats. The top spots will be fiercely contested from within our own fleet, but consider the other divisions within the Worlds fleet:

  • Corinthian (full amateur)
  • Masters (Combined ages 150 years for three up crews)
  • Grand Masters (200 years combined ages for three up crew)
  • Legends (three pacemakers or a zimmer frame to get to and from the boat )

Boats are cheap and available now.



Land Rat AUS 1422


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