May 24, 2018


The event was the Brisbane Etchells Black Tie Dinner and annual YOME Awards. The chance to mix with fleet members and partners and share in the wonderful camaraderie of Etchells Racing was again the highlight of the night. We thank Commodore Mark Gallagher and Fran as well as Vice Commodore Barry Cuneo and Julie McStay for their attendance.

Feeling somewhat overdressed and under prepared, the night got underway, appropriately, with the Loyal Toast; given we shared the night with the Royal Wedding; and we are a Royal Squadron. It was also noted that at certain times during the evening some attendees (or partners) were seen heading to and from the bar televisions to get an update on proceedings from Windsor; at least that is better than watching on mobile phones.

David Irvine, Chairman of the Organising Committee and Event Chairman of the 2018 Etchells Worlds Championship, gave an update on progress on organising the upcoming event. With the numbers of boats likely to enter approaching 100, our logistics and volunteer strategies are being refined. Brady Lowe, Rebecca Ellem and Susie Jones, from the RQYS Sailing Office were in attendance and were feeling no pressure as their test event (2017/18 Manly Summer of Sailing) was twice as long and had 3 times the competitors than the upcoming Worlds in October 2018. The only area that may be more stressed is the bar facilities. A special thank you and consideration goes to the berth holders and occupants of C & D rows of the marina that have been asked to relocate for the time of the Worlds regatta.

While we have established some successful Corporate Partnerships we are seeking to establish more to assist in making this event the Best Worlds Eva. Should you wish to partner with Brisbane Etchells, please contact David Irvine at to discuss details.

David revealed the qualifying boats from Brisbane Etchells are:

Congratulations to those successful qualifiers.

Next was the discussion on the 50th Gala Dinner, celebrating 50 years of Etchells. This will be held on Saturday 20th of October. Should you wish to attend, go to our website and book your ticket. Tickets are limited to 240. With the Squadrons own double Australian Etchells Champion Peter White as MC and Double Worlds Etchells Champion, multiple Australian Etchells Champion, Americas Cup winner and Olympian John Bertrand OA as guest speaker, it will be a fantastic night.

On to the YOME Awards. While protecting the innocent and save litigation for the perpetrators, let’s just say there were blood and nurses, olive branches and peace lilies, frozen fish and fresh octopus, measurement tools, blinkers, fashionistas and teeth skins. Topped off with a safety demonstration featuring an Ansett Airlines scarf, floatation devices and an uncoordinated, yet realistic crash test dummy … you really had to be there.

Pick of The Year was presented to Jason Hawkins for his outstanding work on the 2018 Etchells Worlds website and entry system, as well as qualifying for the Worlds, by the skin of his teeth. Go to to check out his fine work. Should you want the same, go to KND Digital to experience the fine work.

Attached is the night in pictures. We thought it appropriate to complete these early in the night, again to protect the innocent. A huge thank you to RQYS Chef Julie and all RQYS Staff, Natasha Hoppner for the photos, Emily Scott from Emily Scott Images for the photos. Mike Middleton for the 2004 Etchells Worlds footage and Corporate Partners Moreton Bay Signs, Robert Oatley Wines, Barz Optics and Envy Scooters.

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