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Why you should Volunteer at RQYS!

I was speaking with a few of the volunteers lately and asked them if they can describe what they enjoy about volunteering.  Here are a few of their answers…

  1. Why do you volunteer?
  • To have fun.
  • To make positive use of some idle time in your life, and use some of the skills you have acquired throughout your life.
  • Some RQYS Members use the facilities provided, but do not contribute to the Squadron in any way, other than paying membership fees and marina charges. 
  • Donate your time and energy to community service, helping others.
  • By becoming an active member and as a result, a Volunteer.
  • Anyone can be a volunteer, no membership or sailing ability required.


  1. What do you love most about volunteering with RQ?
  • Working with a dedicated, fun loving group of people who want to help provide  Race Management at the level expected by our competitive sailing members.
  • Enjoying a drink after racing and the camaraderie of your fellow Volunteers
  • personal satisfaction in using some of the skills you have in assisting in the Race Management at the Squadron
  • It’s okay to say no when you want to – there’s no pressure to volunteer every week


  1. How to get involved, some examples:
  • “I was walking across the main rigging lawn one day and the then Marine Sports Manager asked me if I could help out that afternoon on the water. I said yes and have been involved ever since and that’s about seven years ago.”
  • “My sailing daughter suggested I could help on Saturdays, and that it didn’t matter that I had no sailing ability at all.”


  1. Some impressive features about the volunteer program:
  • The fact that we sail the whole year through and not just through summer.
  • The number of Volunteers required, due to the large number of weekly races, special Regattas, and International events.
  • Personal skills are developed by our Volunteers
  • We are highly organised team, with a strong support base.
  • Uniform provided for the dedicated.


  1. How do your start?
  • Email our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Susie Jones, at to get started.
  • Go to:
  • Click the request to join button
  • Easy!

We’d love to welcome you to our wonderful team!

-Susie Jones, Volunteer Coordinator