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Volunteer this Summer!

The Benefits of Volunteering!

Wondering why you enjoy being a part of the RQYS Volunteers Team?

This article is from the December 29 issue of The Courier Mail Digital Edition.

VOLUNTEERING can significantly boost mental health and wellbeing in the middle aged and elderly, a study found. Mental and emotional wellbeing was best among those who were frequent volunteers and worst in those who never offered their help. Researchers at Southampton and Birmingham universities questioned individuals from 5000 households across the UK. Those who volunteered regularly scored an average of 6 per cent higher on wellbeing tests across every age group. But when they broke the results down into different age groups they discovered the association between volunteering and wellbeing only became apparent in those over 40. Lead author Faiza Tabassum , of Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute, said the findings showed it could help older adults to live longer and healthier lives.

“There are numerous beneficial effects of volunteering on mental wellbeing, such as having a larger social network, more power and prestige and this in turn leads to better physical and mental health,” Dr Tabassum said.

“Volunteering may also provide a sense of purpose.”

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Fellow members,

The Squadron will be hosting several National events this summer and we are in need of more volunteers! The first week in the New year will showcase the Sabres, Moths and RL24s Nationals from the 5th to the 12th of January and the Etchells Class Australian Championships, from the 14th to the 18th of January 2019. We need to roster enough volunteers to cover all of these events and it would be great to have you and your friends on the team!  You can view the roster here, feel free to register and choose which event you would like to be volunteer for

We are seeking sailors to pull marks up and down, help with ramp marshaling and be a part of the race management team.  If every Volunteer brings a fit friend for just one day we DOUBLE our capacity on those days and you will have double the fun.  It’s okay if you haven’t volunteered for us before, we have mentors and experienced people to help you out.

Come be a part of our team of World class volunteers and enjoy the fun, meet new people and enjoy being up close to the racing!

Susie Jones
Volunteer Coordinator

If you have any questions relating to Volunteering with us at RQYS, please email Susie at or give us a call on 3396 8666.