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Talking Like A Pirate Cruise Report – Arrrrgghhhh

A total of 11 boats sailed upwind to Blakesley’s to “Talk like a Pirate” last weekend: Saturday and Sunday 19/20 September 2020.  The usual “sked” on 67->77 saw a powerboatie try to join us when we were confused for the inter-club cruise heading toward Canaipa!

After anchoring in the swift current running 2-3 knots most boats sent crews ashore to the great amusement of the others there – seeing lots of pirates and wenches getting ready to compete in the Blind Pirate’s Dinghy Race which was a lot of fun to watch!  There were plenty of calls to “go left – no – the other left!” as dinghies careered into each other or headed in a full circle back to shore at breakneck rowing speed which was barely faster than the current!  The eventual winners were Ian Wright and Kris Trott taking out a small bottle of rum – but I suspect a lifetime of boatbuilding may have had some advantages there!

The destination was the stern of SCARLETT where all the dingies rafted up, along with those too timid to enter the race, and a socially-distanced sundowners was enjoyed while competing for the 10-question Pirate Quiz, followed by a round of pirate puns and pirate jokes.  Everyone dressed for the occasion and it was difficult to pick the best dressed couple but eventually we decided on Rae and Geoff Boyd who got a bottle of rum for their efforts.

The quiz questions are reproduced below… but suffice it to say that there was a 100% perfect score from all boats – so that meant everyone won a small bottle of rum!  Arrrrrgghhh

After the raft up people went back to their boats and some collected for BBQs on several boats to maintain the “gatherings under 10” rule as the night was enjoyed by all.

After a lovely quiet night several cruisers met ashore at 9:30 and made their way to explore the lagoons that lie a short distance inland while some others walked the beach and others had a nice sleep in!

Riding the tide home after midday there was only a small wind – but several boats were treated to the sight of a whale breaching south of Peel Island – just off Goat Island – now that’s something you don’t see every day.

The little wind picked up slightly enabling a number of boats to sail home toward the latter part of Sunday after a weekend of Piratical fun.