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Have you, or someone you know, won a World or National Championship representing the Squadron?

Our Model Committee are in the process of compiling photographs for a display in the Miller Gallery at the Squadron and are seeking to obtain (unframed) photographs of any of our members (past and present) who have won a World or National Championship representing the Squadron. This display will provide a record of a very important part of the Squadron’s history for generations to come.

We are seeking to obtain two photographs and It would be preferable if the photographs were as follows:

  • of your boat underway (preferably at the Championship events)
  • of the skipper and crew (if applicable)

It would also be appreciated if you could provide names, such as; names of crew, name of the
boat and the relevant regatta venue. The photographs can be provided in any size and condition as we will be able to have them scanned and ‘photoshopped’ if needed. Once the original photographs you supply have been scanned they will be made available for you to collect.

As we are trying to maintain some conformity within the display it would be appreciated if
the photographs were provided unframed.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly as we would like to have the display completed in
the next few months and would appreciate having the photographs by Friday 30
March 2018.

Please contact Lynne at the Squadron office regarding delivery of the photographs – 3396 8666 or