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Sandy Cuneo Yoga


“I can’t do Yoga, I’m not flexible & I can’t touch my toes”. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that! That’s why we practice! You don’t have to be flexible, just willing!

I have have been practicing & teaching Yoga for 12 years, to both men & women, young & not so young, elite athletes, dancers, runners, all walks of life. Competitive sailors from RQYS who practice & incorporate into their training include Jake Lilley, Shelly White & Mara Stranksky. Everybody is different & every body is different.

Benefits of a regular practice include:

• increased flexibility
• improved athletic performance & recovery
• increased muscle strength & tone
• improved respiration, energy & vitality
• maintaining a balanced metabolism
• weight reduction
• cardio & circulatory health
• protection from injury
A calmness in the business of life.

We created a wonderful community, a welcoming & intimate environment, offering Beginners Courses, training and workshops, with themed events & annual retreats.
We at SCY offer classes to suit all levels, from those brand new to Yoga to those advanced students wanting a little more. We have some of Brisbane’s most respected & highly trained teachers, offering Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa (moving) to Slow Flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative & Qi Gong.

Our instructors are compassionate, dedicated, caring & all unique in their approach. A massage therapist is also part of the team, is highly trained in all facets of massage.
Deb Bauer from Urban Pilates – (mat classes) runs classes.
Mishel from Sambalicious offers Samba Dance.

We are dedicated to your health, strength, mindfulness & well being.

We have such a unique Yoga space here at RQYS, lush grounds, fabulous facilities, from the cafes to showers & secure free parking. All props provided, blankets, bolsters, etc, however if you have your own mat, please bring it.

Our intention is to always offer classes in a safe, quiet, uninterrupted space where you can enjoy time for you.

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