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Myora Cup 2022

Myora Cup Navigation event  – Saturday 5th March 2022

The course for the Myora Cup will generally start near the Myora Light near North Stradbroke Island and finish down the Bay with an overnight stay at RQYS Canaipa, followed by a traditional ‘Moreton Bay  Breakfast’ on Sunday morning and presentation of prizes.

As with all navigation events, running the course at any time prior to the event date and time is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification and is not in “The Spirit of The Event”.

NEW this year is our interactive PDF entry pack, with a page each for Registration/Catering*, Entry Conditions Declaration* and Crew List, which may be completed onscreen, Saved As a [2022-MyoraCupNav_MemberSurname_VesselName_PageName] file and lodged by email – either complete or with the Crew List to follow by the specified deadline. *Please note that your signed Entry Conditions Declaration must accompany your completed Registration/Catering page!




Review the 2021 results here:

Results – GPS
Results – Traditional 


Traditional Competitors please be aware of the following new requirement after review of the winning Traditional track at Goodwill Cup 2018.

(By ticking Traditional Event and signing, I declare that I will use only the traditional Compass and Dead Reckoning Method and will not use GPS, iPad, mobile phone, Chart plotter, computer or any other electronic device during the event or within 2.0nm of the start line.)

When the Tack Tracker is collected, Traditional entrants must provide a paper copy of their run sheet, detailing calculated time of arrival at each navigation mark and noting what time they believe it was passed. It is envisaged other pertinent information, like heading marks, stern marks and set / leeway would be included on a traditional run sheet.

If applicable, run sheets will be compared with the tracker information during calculation of the results.

What is a Navigation Event?

A predicted navigation event is an on-water activity available to any RQYS member whose boat is seaworthy and capable of maintaining a constant speed under power throughout Moreton Bay waters. Traditionally a power boat event, however yacht owners are more than welcome to test their navigation skills too. It will help improve your navigational skills and also provide more understanding of your vessel. The event involves traveling over a set course at your nominated speed, meaning tidal and weather conditions have to be reckoned with to maintain this speed and to reach the finish at the correct time. Participants are scored by how close they are to staying on course and on time.

GPS chart plotters are found on nearly every boat these days and are by far the easiest way to navigate around our waterways. This technology has helped make our navigation events very close competitions with only seconds separating the competitors. You can choose to compete in the GPS division or you can turn all that technology off and compete in the Traditional division only using traditional navigation methods of dead reckoning such as a compass, bearing points, stop watch and speed through water.

For more information or to see how it is done, please contact the Powerboat Committee Chairman Pip Fenwick – 0411 875 234.