Goodwill Cup Navigation Event

The Goodwill Cup is the premier event of the Squadron’s Navigation Championship Program and has been conducted annually since 1933. From 1961, the Goodwill Cup has involved competition with the Southport Yacht Club for the Goodwill Trophy.

The navigation event is generally held in the vicinity of Peel Island proceeding southward with an overnight anchorage at RQYS Canaipa. Part of the tradition of the Goodwill Cup involves the camaraderie ashore after the event.

Presentation of Trophies is held at the conclusion of the Barbeque Breakfast held at RQYS Canaipa the following day. The Goodwill Cup donated by Dr J Bostock and Dr J Nye is currently presented to the winning Squadron Boat in Traditional Division. Trophies are also presented to the winning boats in GPS Division.

Results for the Goodwill Trophy interclub competition are determined on the performance of the best (5) five boats from each club in Traditional Division and GPS Division. Dr Nye also donated a magnificent trophy for the interclub competition – The Goodwill Trophy.

Tremendous inter-club camaraderie has been generated through the Navigation Event Program and the Goodwill Cup is perhaps the best example of the great boating spirit generated from such events.

Navigation Super Event, 56th Goodwill Cup 2017 is set for Saturday 4th November.

Entries are now open for the annual RQYS Vs SYC navigation event, if you intend to compete please enter early by completing the entry form and emailing to at your earliest convenience.

RQYS needs as many participants as possible, from our recently introduced and new competitors through to our longstanding members who may not have competed in recent times.

In 2016 SYC arrived with a full flotilla of entrants in Traditional and GPS, this year we need to show them that RQYS is out in full force with the aim of returning the Goodwill Cup to its home, RQYS.