August 02, 2018

What a fabulous weekend!!  We had 8 sail and 8 power boats along and it was a truly fun weekend.  The sun was out, it was beautiful – although not quite as much wind as the sailors would wish – so many were powerboats for the trip..

The dinner was HUGE – Kevin did a wonderful job – such a multi talented man!  Music was provided courtesy of Ian’s iPhone and Wayne’s Boom Box.  A quick Xmas quiz started the ball rolling with small prizes from RQYS.  Followed by Dirty / Bad Santa which was such a hoot.  Poor Mark from Seas The Day had a great prize wrested from him twice on a 2nd steal – though he did end up with a rather large cheeseboard at the end.  The main thing is that everyone really enjoyed themselves.  Some great prizes out there I must say (note cheeseboards, light or folding table seemed to be most stolen).  After some substantial Mulled Wine (thanks for Geoff and Di) everyone headed back with prizes in hand.  Sunday had a great start with Champagne breakfast courtesy of John Moore (Queensland Yacht Sales) and RQ – what a feast!  More bacon and eggs and sausages that you could poke a cracker at!

-Rosalie Dolan, Sail Cruising Group Deputy Chair

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