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Changes to Boat Storage for Juniors & Young Adults – Starting 01 May

Commencing in the new membership year all Junior and Young Adult members will be charged a storage fee of $125 per year for an allocated position. Boats are to remain in these allocated positions throughout the year with boats not to be left on the lawn overnight except under the following circumstances:
1) where a boat is being sailed the next day for training or racing
2) where a boat is competing in a regatta or training camp. 
Storage priority for Full, Young Adult, and Junior Members will be given based on the member holding a Seasons Entry. 
Hardstand locations will be allocated by the Sailing Office at the conclusion of the season for the following year based on the previous years Season Entry list. Re-allocations may occur after the commencement of the Sailing Season based on the list of entries. 
For Young Adult members graduating to Full Membership the storage rate will incrementally increase by the difference of the storage fee between the Full Member Rate and the Rate for Young Adults in line with the membership graduating increase of fees.
Full Member storage rates for Off-The-Beach Boats will be reduced from $820 annually to $635 annually.
All boats must be stored on the trailer or cradle on which they are placed in the water. Please contact the Marina Office for more information on Road Trailer storage.