July 02, 2024

Bush Poetry

By Erwin Bejsta | SV Moonglade


Friday evening commenced with a meal at the club followed by a quick outline of the weekend plan. The star attraction for the night was Kris and Ian Wright with a talk, pictures and video of their recent trip to the Antarctic.

Kris and Ian captured the attention of whole auditorium with many interesting facts, maps, images of Glaciers, Iceberg and magnificent wild life.

Some of the group of 13 boats had already departed earlier or couldn’t make it to the presentation, but all boats made it to Canaipa at the appointed time. However, one didn’t make it ashore as they had to await the rising tide to complete their trip.

1500hrs saw the arrival of our Bush poets and spectators. After the greeting ceremonies concluded we could get the competition underway. The assembled group was treated to a wide range of poetry from the classical and serious to the hilarious and funny, all poems were of excellent quality, well presented and had been well rehearsed by the presenters.

Finding a winner was a difficult task with so many excellent entries. I consulted with some third parties and received additional input from some poets. The decision was to award the prize to one of the 3 original works, all of which were very creative. If we had two prizes I would have awarded two equal firsts to Affinity and Chantelle IV, but such was not the case so the bottle of Squadron rum was awarded to Chantelle IV.

Sundowners went into full swing after the competition with 26 cruisers present by the time the tide delivered the last boat to the Canaipa. The new Canaipa longhouse was inspected and admired by all with some work still to be completed before next week’s opening.

The fire pit was already going by the time we arrived and became very popular once the sun went over the horizon. The BBQ’s got a good workout with most people cooking their dinner on shore. Affinity shared a delicious Beef Vindaloo produced by the skipper himself. After dinner the group congregated around the fire and continued the sharing of tall tails until late into the night. Serena’s motherly instincts kicked in and spoiled everyone with marshmallows and chocolates. Eventually everyone retired to their vessels to enjoy a quiet night as is typical for Canaipa.

The night was rather cool and lots of dew settled on the boats, but Saturday morning started with a blue sky and the radiating warmth from the sun which was gratefully received by all those that made it out bed. Erwin & Ilse cooked pancakes for brekkie and most cruisers enjoyed a pancake or four.


The rest of the morning was filled with vessels departing at various times as the tide assisted with the ride home.

Waru, Wine Mixer and Moonglade made an impromptu decision to enjoy the beautiful conditions for another day. The island’s RSL club kitchen was closed for renovation so the small group took the RQ vehicle to the island bowling club which was a hive of activity with live music and all.

A quick stop at the Thirsty Camel saw some essential supplies procured for afternoon sundowners which commenced not long after lunch had concluded and we returned to RQYS Canaipa. Although Sean had restocked the depleted pile of firewood, we left that alone on Sunday night in favour of a quiet night onboard our vessels.

We assembled for our final gathering of the weekend at 9AM to cook brekkie on the BBQ, more talk about boats and solving many of the worlds problems.


By lunchtime the tide was right and the three reaming vessels departed Canaipa in 5kt of breeze which eventually dropped away to nothing around Peel island. Wine Mixer and Moonglade headed back to Manly, whilst Waru made another overnight stop at Little Ships to explore Nth Straddie.

The weekend cruise was attended by Affinity, Chantelle IV, Curlew, Imoogi, Meltimi, Moonglade, Ocean Essence, Quo Vadis, Sensation, Tequila Mockingbird, Waru, White Tiger and Wine Mixer.

As always, on this weekend the cruisers set high standards with the effort they put into their activities, they prepared their poems, shared their food, exchanged stories, and made our newcomers (Brook & Holly on Quo Vadis) feel very welcome. Without doubt, this is the best sail cruising group in the whole of Australia.


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