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Building a Culture of “Safety First”

by Chris Morgan, Senior Equipment Auditor (Queensland), Australian Sailing

Thank you to the owners and skippers who have arranged to have their boats audited this season in accordance with the special regulations and our sailing instructions.

Whilst our sailing is at a “Standstill” (A bit like being on shore with the AP over A up!!) the Sailing Committee suggest that it is a good time to start planning for next season (all going well) and  remind owners and skippers that all boats registered to race from off the beach to division yachts including WAGS entries are required under RQYS Sailing instructions to have a current audited Cat 5 form completed and submitted to the sailing office. Current Audit forms expire as at 30/6/2020.

To clarify “Off the beach boats” are required to have the Sailing Australia “Off the beach boats” form completed and signed off by an RQYS Safety Officer, check with the Sailing Office to arrange this as we have found that logistically it is best to coordinate with each fleet on a sailing day.

Division boats will need to book an appointment with an auditor of your choice after 30th June 2020.  But to spread out the audits we could start at an earlier date as long as we comply with the Govt Regs with regards the COVID-19.

This is a free service provided by Australian Sailing.


Preparation for an Audit Process

All equipment audits follow the same process:  the owner (and a crew member is also recommended) needs to work through the Equipment Compliance Form applicable to the CAT they require for their season racing and ensure they have all the required equipment, that it is in good and working condition and if necessary, has been serviced and/or is in date (in particular – Flares, Medical Items, Fire Extinguishers, Life Jackets.

Before the inspection, the owner (and crew member, recommended) should layout all of the equipment from its normal storage position for ease of inspection.

If you have not undertaken an audit before I can assure you it is an easy process and perhaps you may wish to do a pre-audit inspection leaving you with a short list at final audit.

Cat 5 forms are available on RQYS and Australian Sailing web sites.

Below are a list of RQYS Auditors and their contact details:

Ben Davis | 0437 853 523 |
Ian Davis | 0419 799 958 |
Paul King | 0409 725 488 |
Dave Richards |
Chris Morgan | 0418 767 591 |
Christopher Wren | 0448 999 800 |
Helen Warneke | 0429 347 481 |

Check the Australian Sailing website HERE for further Queensland auditors.