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Volunteering this Summer at RQYS


We are really needing to increase our Volunteer capacity this summer. From the 26th of December til the 20th of January. To that end I’m imploring everyone to put their loudest voice on to their contacts to think about becoming involved for this summer. We are currently trying to roster 983 days of Volunteering this Summer… that’s just body’s on boats!

We are desperately seeking sailors to pull marks up and down, help with ramp marshalling, directing traffic. These events require a large number of members to get behind their club in action, probably more so than an event like the Etchells Worlds, where our existing Volunteer base will fall over each other to go for a limited number of spots.

With 30 Etchells Racing that’s 100 possible volunteer days covered if everyone gives up just 1 day in the 3 weeks of activity, with 12 yachts racing that’s nearly 80 individual days covered.

If every Volunteer brings a fit friend for one day we DOUBLE our capacity on those days.

We are also still looking for boats to allow our Squadron Coaches to assist with our own young members performances, with nearly 100 of our own Squadron members competing we are also trying to support them in their success.

Ok, off my soap-box, any and all help and support is appreciated. For those who can make the meeting this Saturday at 1000 that would be great, not just existing volunteers, if you can get in a boat and pull up an anchor and chain you are needed!