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Welcome to South Pacific Laser Masters Volunteers!

Thank you for putting your hand up and time forward for the South Pacific Laser Masters 2018.  You have signed up to be a part of this exciting event from the 13th July to the 16th July, 2018.  As an RQYS volunteer your name has been added to our online rosters and on an easier-to-view spreadsheet (see below).  The Notice of Race (NOR) is available here South Pacific Laser Masters and the Sailing Instructions are here.

On the first day of this event your report time will be 1.5 hours before the 1st Warning Signal as defined in the Sailing Instructions. This is because we will have a more comprehensive Volunteer briefing.  From thereafter your report time will be 1.5 hours beforehand.  This gives everyone a chance to have a briefing with the Race Officers at the start of the day and get ready to go onto the water.  You will receive a reminder to be at the RQ for the daily briefing approximately 24 hours before your report time.

Please be aware that the weather conditions may prompt an earlier start time than planned.  We will notify you via the roster system email and by text if this is the case. We will endeavor to do this as close to 24 hours ahead of time if possible.

Check the spreadsheet below to make sure I have you in the correct role, on the correct days.  The spreadsheet is in DRAFT format until I am sure nothing will change. Please be aware, changes may occur leading up to the events. I will be sending out more information regarding your role, etc. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 07 3396 8666 or email

Role descriptions are also available – if you are on a Start or Finish boat please review the videos on this page  they will help explain how the RQYS manages racing. If you are a course layer or a crew on a course boat, please read the role description here: RQYS Volunteers Course Laying Duties

Each volunteer should bring the following:

  • Any personal medications you might need during your time on the water or on shore.
  • If you have any special conditions, such as epilepsy or heart conditions, you have allergies and carry an Epipen, please let others around you know of these or any other medical concerns so they may properly assist in an  emergency.
  • Sun block (SPF 30+ recommended)
  • Weather appropriate clothing. Remember it is cooler on the water and in the wind. A windbreaker, jacket or wet weather gear is suggested.
  • A reusable water bottle (One will be provided to you if you don’t have one)
  • Hat and sunglasses
and if you are on one of the Mark Laying boats…
  • PFD (if you own one, if not we have some at the RQYS)
  • Work/sailing gloves are useful if you are hauling anchors.
  • A change of clothing
On water volunteers are normally in an open boat and will not leave the course until the completion of the day’s events, with the exception of emergencies. For this reason, the items above are very important. Keep your belongings in a waterproof bag , or place your bag in a plastic bag if it is not waterproof. Black soled shoes are to be avoided, as they will mark a boat’s deck. Sandals, thongs or open toed shoes are not recommended on water.

Rosters updated as at 1600hrs 14.7. 2018

   Report: 11:30am  Report: 10:30am


08:00 am

 Report: 9:30am
  Friday 13th July Saturday 14th July Sunday 15th July Monday 16th July
Start – FRIZZELL Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Race Officer  Guy Morton Guy Morton Guy Morton Guy Morton
Skipper David Kemp David Kemp David Kemp David Kemp
Crew Yvonne Walsh Yvonne Walsh Yvonne Walsh Yvonne Walsh
Crew Annette Hodgen Annette Hodgen Esther Kelemen Esther Kelemen
 Crew Nanette Brook  Nanette Brook  Nanette Brook  
 Crew      Max Irwin/Femme  
Alpha Top    STEFAN 1      
Skipper David Bagnall David Bagnall David Bagnall David Bagnall
Crew  Mike Fowler Femme Rounds Victor Manuel Sepulveda C Victor Manuel Sepulveda C
Alpha Start Pin & Inner Gates    STEFAN 4      
Skipper Robert Preston Tony DiBetta  Marcus Schoutrop Robert Preston
Crew Peter Lahanas  Dave Jackson Lindsay Juniper Mike Fowler
Alpha Mark 5 & Outer Gates    GIRDIS      
Skipper Don Murray  Don Murray  Don Murray  Don Murray 
Crew  Max Irvin Gerhard Meyers  Peter Lahanas Paul Collis