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Unclaimed Yacht Masts & Bicycles

The Squadron has advertised for 6 months directing owners of these masts to remove them. The masts have been left for an extended period by unknown persons on Squadron property. It is now the Marina’s innitiative to sell them on the second hand market or as scrap in the immediate future. The masts will be stored for a further week. Should an owner make contact within that time, the masts will be offered however the owner will have to pay handling and storage fees.

Please contact or visit the Marina Office for any queries or if you want to make a claim:
3393 3554 orĀ

Furthermore, several unidentified bicycles have been left in the Marina up near the Blue Loos. Owners of these bikes are asked to make sure that they are easily identifiable as owned and in use. A sticker can be obtained from either the Marina Office or Reception to do so. Any bikes left for an extended period without being easily identifiable will be removed.