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Do You Need a Home Base for Your Trailer Sailer in Manly?

Many sailing enthusiasts have small boats and do not live on the water. They must trailer their vessel to a boat ramp, unload it from the trailer, and then set off on their water bound adventures. Those popular sailboats are often referred to as a “Trailer Sailer.”

Those with trailer sailers in Manly face several challenges. The first is that the public boat ramps are often crowded, and the line to launch your boat is often long when prime sailing conditions exist. Most trailer sailer owners are considerate to other boaters and try to be “quick at the ramp” so others can launch and retrieve their boats. The problem is that some people have no situational awareness of what is going on around them and conduct their boat activities as if it is their own private ramp.

Worse yet, you may be in line behind that inexperienced owner of a trailer sailer in Manly who has difficulty backing his trailer down the ramp correctly and by the time he is finished, and it is finally your turn, you have waited so long your clothes have gone out of style!

These issues do not exist for those with a trailer sailer who are members of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. The convenient, well maintained boat ramps and other essential facilities take the aggravation out of launching and retrieving your beloved boat. Call us today to discuss membership, or simply to view our facilities.