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The Epicentre of Multihull Yachts in Brisbane, the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

The explosion of demand for multihull yachts in Brisbane has led to one issue. Where to keep them? By their very nature, multihull yachts require greater space to store and moor them. They are much wider than single hull yachts of similar length, and because of that wide footprint, they can obstruct passage lanes at moorings or in dry storage.

Many facilities were not designed with these reasonably recent additions to the boating world in mind. When there were only a few multihull yachts in Brisbane, it was easy enough to find a few out of the way places to put them. Now that these multihull yachts have become a larger share of the boat population, one must give serious thought to where one will store and moor a multihull yacht if you consider buying one.

The RQYS has addressed this issue and has plenty of room to moor and store these highly desirable yachts. We have many of these hulls in our registry and have the facilities to handle more. We offer all the services required to support the usage and storage of all types of yachts, whether single or multihull.

If you are already the proud owner of multihull yachts in Brisbane or are considering purchasing one, you may wish to contact RQYS to discuss membership in this prestigious and historic organisation. You will not only find a superior home for your yacht, but you will have access to our premier Clubhouse Pavilion and all its amenities. We provide a luxury environment for your boat, as well as you and your guests.