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Membership at RQYS

Why is membership important?

Membership is the lifeblood of the Squadron. The clubs fundamental purpose is to provide activities, facilities, social programs and training in accordance with the needs of members. To remain financially viable in the long run and to deliver these activities, it is essential (and Club Policy) that all regular users of the Squadron subscribe to some form of membership.

How do I become a member of RQYS?

Simply fill in the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and return it with the appropriate payment to the Squadron. It is advisable to call the office first to ensure you are paying the right amount.
If you would like to discuss your membership options or have any queries with regard to your application form, please contact our Membership Administrator.

As a member, when can I use the Clubhouse?

Members have full access to the Clubhouse facilities 7 days per week. The opening hours do change from time to time and are published in the Bar & Café section of the website.

What insurance cover do I receive as a RQYS member?

Membership of the Squadron entitles you to be either an Adult or Youth Member with Australian Sailing depending on your membership category; these memberships come with Personal Accident Insurance which covers our members whilst boating or on yacht club premises. More information can be found at their website

Are there any implications if I use RQYS regularly but do not join?

First and foremost visitors are very welcome to RQYS. However, once a visitor becomes a regular visitor they need to become a financial member, otherwise there are some things to be aware of:

  • Firstly, visitors must be signed in by financial members or live beyond a 15km radius of the Squadron to comply with liquor licencing laws. If a visitor is not signed in, or is signed in by an un-financial member, then this contravenes our liquor licence and exposes the Squadron and its staff to excessive fines, penalties and, in extreme cases, loss of licence.
  • If a visitor exceeds six visits per year then they are not complying with the Squadron’s Rules and Regulations.
  • If a visitor sails regularly without membership status, then their skipper is in breach of the AS Racing Rules of Sailing. This may lead to the boat being disqualified from the race. Furthermore, if the visitor is not a Australian Sailing member (a benefit of Club membership) then they do not have Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance.
  • The visitor will also be enjoying utilising a facility that costs several million dollars per annum to operate and the cost impact will be worn inequitably by those who do subscribe to membership.

How can I find out what events are happening?

The Squadron communicates with its members through various media:

  • Weekly eNews- you can opt in on our homepage or simply ask to subscribe
  • Monthly Squadron Events Calendar – this usually gets sent out to members along with their monthly account statements.
  • Annual Magazine ‘Mainsheet’ – delivered to all members which includes upcoming events, shared stories, points of interest and general articles.

How can I become more involved?

There are many ways for a member to become more involved with the Squadron ranging from WAGS (Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing), racing, cruising, social events and volunteering. If you would like to experience more, please do not hesitate to contact our office.