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Berth Sales

The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron prides itself on providing members and their guests with a modern state of the art, user friendly Marina and facility. In the past 5 years we have noticed an increase in the popularity of catamarans ranging from the ultra light racer to extremely comfortable capable cruising cats.

RQYS has constructed 7 x 12 metre multi berths, 3 x 15 metre multi berths and one 15 metre mono berth on the southern side of P row. The infrastructure expansion also included new 2 x 20 metre, 2 x 15 metre mono berths and 2 x 15 metre single pens located at the end of J/K row.

Please contact the Marina Office to discuss further.
T: 3393 3554 or

Marina Berth and Slipping charges

# Vessel Length Permitted Price
F12 10m $50,000  blow on, close to shore
F24 10m $40,000
F29 10m $40,000
F33 10m $45,000
G16 10m $60,000
 F09  10m $70,000
F23 10m $45,000
F29 10m $45,000 negotiable
F13 10m $34,000
F32 10m $40,000  blow on berth, built in fenders
G09 10m $48,000
G18 10m $45,000 Dock Box included
G23 10m $45,000
G37 10m $34,000   neg
G42 10m $60,000 neg Blow on berth
G46  10m  $70,000 ono
F03 10m $65,000 neg
F14 10m $40,000
F44 10m $35,000 neg
F25 10m $47,950
F08 10m $70,000 ono
G25 10m $45,000
G47 10m $39,000 Neg
G49 10m $43,000
F45 12m $115,000 negotiable, could fit a Seawind 1000
H15 12m $63,000
H21 12m $70,000
H22 12m $75,000  Blow on berth, Make an offer
H42 12m $125,000
J08 12m $112,000
H27 12m $128,000
H30 12m $80,000
H23 12m $100,000 neg
K09 12m $98,000  negotiable
K10 12m $70,000
K15 12m $79,000  blow on
J05 12m $110,000
J07 12m $100,000
H03 12m $75,000  If both H03 and H04 are purchased together the price would be negotiable
H25 12m $90,000
H04 12m $75,000  If both H03 and H04 are purchased together the price would be negotiable
K19 13m $97,000     blow on berth
X04 13.5m $65,000
C11 14m $95,000
C12 14m $115,000   good water access
D07 15m $115,000 close to carpark, easy access to boat
D20 15m $105,000
U08  15m  $125,000  blow on, includes Super Fender
J14 15m $100,000  Super fender and a blow on berth
 J17  15m  $100,000    blow on berth
J23 15m $120,000
K28 15m $147,500
K35 15m $120,000 neg  Blow on berth
K38 15m $95,000 
K39 15m $115,000
K49 15m $155,000  Single pen, can be extended,  only 2 single 15m pens in the Marina-easy access
L07 15m $160,000
L15 15m $120,000
D10 15m $150,000 not negotiable includes super fender & dock box
L28 15m $105,000
 L42  15m  $130,000  Deeper berth
D11 15m $115,000 neg
D13 15m $115,000 neg  (price reduction)
J23 15m $135,000 neg
L38 15m $75,000 includes dock box
L29 15m $120,000 blow on berth
 L30 15m $140,000 negotiable
L32 15m $105,000 negotiable
L41 15m $135,000 blow on berth
J19 15m $145,000 includes dock box
J40 15m $95,000    blow on berth
L34 15m $130,000
U05 15m $110,000, has super fender included
U06 15m $110,000 blow on berth, includes dock box.  
U05/U06 15m multihull $220,000 if purchased together
U13 15m $105,000
U07 15m $85,000
U03 15m $110,000
U10 15m $120,000 Neg
T13 16m multihull $225,000 end of row berth
S04 16m $120,000
S05 16m $135,000 Close to amenities
S07 16m $100,000
M06 17m $120,000
M28 17m $130,000  Wide fairway for easy entry and exit to berth, close to amenities
M38 17m $200,000
M35 17m $155,000
N18 17m $125,000
E07 17m $200,000
J42 17m $150,000
 M21 17m $160,000 Blow On
E11 17m $150,000
 E13 17m $175,000
E17 17m $100,000  neg
E21 17m $120,000
E23 17m $110,000
M01 17m $125,000  Blow on berth, close to c/park. Priced to sell before Xmas
M13 17m $160,000
M20 17m $145,000
M31 17m $145,000  negotiable   Blow on, easy access, close to amenities block
N09 17m $200,000 Blow on
N10 17m $120,000
P11 18m $175,000
N03 20m $230,000 Neg
N04 20m $190,000 includes super fender
N26 20m $180,000 Neg
P21 25m single pen Price on request. Great car access.
R05 25m single pen $290,000 negotiable
R07 25m single pen $290,000
R09 25m single pen $250,000
R15 25m single pen  $300,000
R18 20m pen  $250,000 if purchased with R19 can be used as a multihull berth
R19 20m Pen $250,000
S20 30m single pen $490,000