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Manly Marine Radio On-Call at RQYS in 2018

Following its relocation to the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Marine Radio Manly is back on deck after the Christmas New Year period traditionally covered by Coast Guard Brisbane and the other Coast Guard and Volunteer Rescue units around the Central Moreton Bay area.

Communications Officer Jack Kennedy says that with their new computer based operating system Marine Radio Manly can now provide a wider and more efficient boating safety service through the log on process, weather forecast broadcasts, boats’ radio checks and boating safety warnings when required. The computer system allows all vessels, now extending to include jet skis, board sailors and kayakers using small devices such as a mobile phone through the Boat Beacon app or a small handheld VHF radio in the usual way, to use the system.

At the advised time of a boatie’s return ashore the system puts an alert on the Radio Log screen and sends an SMS message to the mobile phone reminding the user that it is time to log off and close the communications for that day.  This has the potential to save considerable Brisbane Water Police time resources where in the past they may have been called out simply because the boatie forgot to log off.

Marine Radio Manly will resume its popular Know Your Marine Radio courses in February.  The courses are held at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron and provide practical information on use of radios and other safety issues from Mooloolaba to the Seaway Tower at Southport.  Cost is only $10 for an individual or a family crew group.   To get you started you can make your very first radio call at the end of the course.  To book a place you can call Marine Radio Manly on 3396 2778.

Marine Radio Manly hopes you will use our services and wishes you all happy and safe boating in 2018.