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Cruise Captain Responsibilities

Just a few notes to assist you with your Cruise Captain Responsibilities


1) Help set the cruising program for the year
2) Remember which cruises you put your name down for – Refer to the Cruising Programme
3) Assist with Christmas Party organisation
4) Support the other cruise captains.


  • 4 weeks before cruise – Finalise your ideas for the Cruise.
  • 3 weeks before cruise – Write a “flier” (word document or e-mail text) and e-mail to chairman for distribution to the group.
  • 2 weeks before cruise – Confirm Auditorium booking for briefing call Belinda Annan at RQ on 3396 8666
  • Last week before cruise – Prepare “hand out” for briefing including:
    1. Vessel names and Crew (first) names
    2. Weather forecast
    3. Radio sched time (s) and channels (67/77)
    4. Your mobile number
    5. Activity times and requirements if relevant
  • Before the briefing – finalise changes to the sailing plans in light of the weather. (Discuss with others if required).Olympic Room from the bar at RQ
  • Briefing
    1. Welcome and introduce new members
    2. Read out the Responsibility Statement – Details page 2
    3. Pass out briefing notes
    4. Discuss the weather and tides.
    5. Discuss the radio sched.
    6. Discuss the anchorage.
    7. Review charts and other navigational aids for those who have not been there before.
    8. Discuss the activities. (Nibbles, dinner, quiz, breakfast etc – these are not compulsory for every cruise. It’s your choice.)
    9. Request that participants fly the ‘C’ flag so that they will be recognisable.
  • Cruise
    1. Radio sched – general call on 67 going to 77. Call and record the position of each vessel.
    2. At the anchorage – welcome new members after they arrive. Use your dinghy and say g’day.
    3. Introduce new members to the group.
    4. Coordinate activities
  • After
    1. In the week after the cruise please write a story for inclusion in the Mainsheet. 8 – 16 paragraphs is fine.  Include two digital photos.  Send the story and the photos to the chairman who will edit and submit to the club for publishing.





And now for some important information:
Skippers of participating vessels need to be aware that participation in the RQYS Sail Cruising Group events has the potential for dangerous circumstances to arise and that the responsibility for taking part in, or continuing to participate in Sail Cruising Group events remains solely with you as the skipper.  And that you must exercise appropriate seamanship and discretion as to whether you should participate in, or continue with any cruise.

RQYS Sail Cruising Group Committee

RQYS Cruise Captains Responsibilities PDF