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If You are Looking for Catamaran or Trimaran Sailing or Storage Near Brisbane, There is One Clear Choice

Whether you are an experienced sailor or new to the sailing life, there is something exhilarating about cruising along at ten or twelve knots on the open sea, riding the wind and at peace with the world.

One of the most ideal and prestigious locales to call your home base for catamaran sailing near Brisbane is the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. Located in Manly, the Squadron was formed in 1885. The RQYS has been dedicated to teaching and supporting the sport of sailing from the beginner to the Olympic and international sailor. Our registry currently includes over 450 yachts and an approximately equal number of powerboats.

The Evolution of Catamarans in Brisbane

Many of our members have transitioned from mono-hull sailing vessels to catamarans in Brisbane. Catamaran sailing around Brisbane has changed considerably over the past few decades. Many people remember the fast, small catamarans in Brisbane launched commonly from the beaches. When asked what they remember about the early days of those sailboats, most enthusiasts and casual observers alike would answer “They seemed to flip a lot!”

After the growing pains of that type of sailing, and evolution of design, technology, and sailing techniques, some catamarans in Brisbane are drastically different than your father’s catamaran sailing in Brisbane years ago.

Today, luxury catamarans are replacing many traditional mono-hull yachts. Some sailors prefer the more stable platform that a multi-hull design provides. When moving up in size and class of a sailing yacht, this additional stability can provide a more comfortable transition, before moving back to a mono-hull. Speaking of comfort, the larger catamarans offer significantly more living space than a mono-hull of the same length. For many avid sailing enthusiasts, sailing is a way of life for the entire family. Often, the duration of the family voyage is dictated by how long the rest of the family will tolerate the reasonably tight quarters of a mono-hull sailing yacht.

With a catamaran, not only do you have twice the area for living space in the two hulls, but you also have the bridge deck which is the area that joins the two hulls. This area offers additional space to relax or suntan while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. All while skimming across the waves separated by miles of ocean from the troubles and stress of ordinary life.

Trimaran Storage in Brisbane

A natural offshoot from the evolution of the catamaran was the appearance of the trimaran in Brisbane. These unique vessels have three floats. The outer floats are called amas, and the centre float is referred to as the hull. In the typical trimaran in Brisbane, the living space is located in the hull, and the amas are used for storage.

There is a wing deck that connects all the floats. These wing decks can be open or closed in construction and are at different levels relative to the water depending on the design.

Because of the large size of a trimaran, many prospective owners have concerns about trimaran storage around Brisbane. RQYS offers plenty of options for trimaran storage in Brisbane for their members and prospective members. If you own a trimaran in Brisbane or have hesitated to purchase one because of concerns about the lack of trimaran storage in Brisbane, RQYS has the solution at our luxury facility in Manly.