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Boating in Brisbane, Wynnum or Manly? You’ll Want to Join RQYS:

Boating is an incredible way to stay active, explore the outdoors, and participate in one of Australia’s richest traditions. Boating in Australia goes back over a hundred years, as sailing clubs emerged in cities like Sydney to provide sportsmen and members of society with opportunities to exercise, socialise, and enjoy themselves. It wasn’t long, however, before Brisbane developed a private sailing club of its own. That club, originally called the Brisbane Sailing Club, would eventually expand into the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, which remains one of the best boating organisations in the state. Originally headquartered in Brisbane itself, the organisation relocated to Manly in 1964 to pursue a wider range of clubhouse and sporting activities.

The RQYS now accepts members from Brisbane, Manly, and Wynnum, and maintains two facilities—one in Manly, the other in Canaipa. It continues to retain its cultural and historical significance too, having been represented in every Australian Olympic team since 1956 as a competitor, coach or team manager. Offering members opportunities for boat storage, sailing lessons, restaurants, a full calendar of social events throughout the year, and friendly competition, we pride ourselves on being one of the most dynamic and exciting facilities for boating near Brisbane, Wynnum or Manly.

Boating in Wynnum, Manly and Brisbane Made Easy with Luxury Amenities

Boating has always been a gentleman’s sport, and the best sailing experiences have always been accompanied by class, elegance, charm, and grace. RQYS seeks to provide that atmosphere through many enjoyable services for our members, including many quality sailing programs such as state, national, and international regattas. We also host navigation events, a sailing academy, sail and power cruising social groups, and more. These programs are available to both adults and children throughout the year.

Our marina also offers the kind of equipment that sets members at ease when storing their boats with us. We have both marina berths and hardstand storage available, as well as on-site slipping and maintenance facilities and four separate rigging lawns. Our clubhouse and grounds are no less impressive, with eateries and places to congregate such as the Harbour View Restaurant and Boardwalk Bar. We even have a BBQ and children’s area complete with a playground, for young ones who haven’t quite got their sea legs yet.

Apply for Membership Today

Boating in Manly, Wynnum or Brisbane is better when you’re a member of RQYS, and applying is as easy as calling our office to speak with a representative. Once you’ve done that, just fill out the application, and you’ll be on your way. We’re always happy to talk to prospective members about the benefits of joining us, the steps involved and the approval process. Contact our membership administrator at your earliest convenience to learn how you can become a part of this highly cultured and historically significant club. Boating is a lifestyle, after all, and nobody understands that lifestyle better than we do at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.