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Where to Find High-Quality Boat Fuel in Wynnum, Manly, and Brisbane

Sailing is one of the most fun hobbies in the world both for solo sailors and families who enjoy relaxing on the lake, but it can be a rather expensive hobby if you fail to keep your boat in good condition. You might have paid a rather large amount of money to buy a dependable boat that’s in good condition, but it will only remain in good condition if you take maintenance seriously. Boats, just like any other type of vehicle, can experience a multitude of problems, and the longer minor issues are neglected, the more serious and expensive to repair they will become.

It’s never a good idea to constantly sail your boat with a small amount of fuel. If you regularly run your boat on less than quarter of a tank of petrol, your petrol pump could become worn as a result of drawing in hot air. In turn, this issue can have knock-on effects and damage other components, and the costs of repairing all these damaged components can be astronomical. Experts recommend always keeping your tank at least a quarter full, but you should only fill it with high-quality boat fuel in Brisbane that will burn economically and keep your boat safe.

At the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, we’re the most trusted provider of boat fuel in Wynnum and other suburbs in Brisbane because we’ve been established since 1885 and worked hard to retain our reputation for excellence. Our members enjoy purchasing discounted boat fuel so they can enjoy their hobby as often as possible, and we also fill cars and hold weekly promotions. In fact, there are other benefits to becoming a member of RQYS, such as discounted meals and belonging to a club of dedicated sailors, but there a huge number of reasons why sailors choose us for boat fuel.

High-Quality, Affordable Boat Fuel in Manly

We’re one of the very few options in Brisbane for boat fuel, but people choose us over our competitors for several reasons. From weekly promotions to membership discounts, here’s why boat owners come to us when they need boat fuel:

  • We’re a trusted provider – You should only buy boat fuel that’s been made specifically for boats and guarantees not to cause damage to your vessel, which makes buying from a reputable provider vital. You can feel confident that your boat fuel is of the highest quality.
  • We offer membership discounts – If you become a member of RQYS, you could save 2 cents per litre of fuel if you pay using our preferred payment method. Why pay more to enjoy your favourite hobby?
  • Available 24 hours a day – Members who possess our special touch tags can access our pumps 24 hours a day.

Join the Family

The main reason why so many people become members at RQYS is because we are the biggest and best club of sailors in the Brisbane area. With great incentives to join such as our discounted, high-quality boat fuel, you’ll be enjoying your favourite hobby more often than ever before. Contact us today to find out how to become a member.