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Find the Best Coffee in Manly, Brisbane: Which Cafes to Consider

Coffee is a rich indulgence that many claim to adore but only a select few have the good taste to truly savour. Are you someone who can’t get enough of the complex flavour and memorable finish of a truly exceptional cup of coffee? If you are, you’re never satisfied with everyday, run-of-the-mill coffee shops and large beverage chains. You’re always looking for a cafe that offers something unique—not only regarding its coffee, but also when it comes to its location and atmosphere. You may be tempted to brave the bustling streets of Brisbane looking for that perfect cup of java—but there might be a much easier way to find it.

Why Some of the City’s Best Coffee is in Manly, and How You Can Experience It

Central Brisbane is home to some decent coffee shops, but it’s far from the only place where you’ll find quality coffee. In fact, the best quality coffee in Brisbane may be waiting for you in another location. Consider Manly, Brisbane, home to cafes that offer stunning waterfront views as well as rich, flavourful java blends. Some of the best coffee in Manly can be found at the Boardwalk Cafe, an establishment owned and operated by the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.

The location’s reputation helps to explain why its coffee and culinary offerings exceed expectations. The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron is one of the most pedigreed institutions in Manly—perhaps in all of Brisbane. Originally a gentlemen sailors club, the RQYS has evolved since its inception in the 1850s to become one of the most exciting destinations on the Manly waterfront. Among the many amenities we offer to members and their guests is the Boardwalk Cafe, which carries some of the region’s best coffee and offers a variety of savoury light meals. Casual diners can order from the counter and have their fare brought directly out to their tables, all while enjoying some of the area’s most beautiful coastline.

Go Beyond the Boardwalk Cafe and Explore Culinary Quality All Day

When it’s time to transition from coffee to a satisfying midday meal, you’re in luck: the Boardwalk Cafe is just one of the excellent dining establishments that the RQYS offers. We also own and operate The Squadron Harbour View Restaurant, the RQ Bar, and several other notable venues. These various eateries complement the facilities for which we initially became famous, including our 594 floating berths and expansive secure hardstand areas. Many people visit us for the food we serve but become members so that they can enjoy all the features our renowned marina has to offer.

Whether you’re an avid boater, a fine-dining enthusiast, or a coffee-lover looking for the city’s best cup, or all three, you’ll want to pay a visit to the RQYS and indulge yourself at one of our restaurants. Call today and speak to a member of our team who can tell you more about the benefits of joining our organisation, or tell you more about the menu at the Boardwalk Cafe. In either case, we’re looking forward to your visit.