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Australian Laser National Championships 2017-2018 Volunteering

Thank you for putting your hand up and time forward for the RQYS Manly Summer of Sailing.  As an RQYS #MSOS volunteer your name has been added to our online rosters and on an easier-to-view spreadsheet (see below).  The Notice of Race (NOR) and Sailing Instructions (SI) are available here Manly Summer of Sailing Information, NOR, Event handbooks, etc.  There is a lot of information contained in the Event handbook, parking, logistics, times of operation for the club and more!

Please review this policy before going on the water for the Manly Summer of Sailing 2017/2018  Manly Summer of Sail at RQYS-Managment Policiesv2

You have signed up to be a part of the Australian Laser National Championships from the 27th December 2017 to the 4 January 2018.   Your report time will be 2 hours before the 1st Warning Signal as defined in the Sailing Instructions for the event for the first day of each event. This is because we will have a more comprehensive Volunteer briefing at the beginning of each event.  From thereafter your report time will be 1.5 hours beforehand.  This gives everyone a chance to have a briefing with your Race Officers at the start of the day and get ready to go onto the water.  You may find that you receive more than one reminder to be at the RQ at a certain time. This variation is a result of the way the system works and being rostered on-shore as well as on-water (some roles can be done before we leave for the water).  Finish times may be earlier depending on the wind or weather.

Please be aware that the weather conditions may prompt an earlier start time than planned.  We will notify you via the roster system email and by text if this is the case. We will endeavor to do this as close to 24 hours ahead of time if possible.

Please check the spreadsheets below to make sure I have you in the correct role, on the correct days.  The spreadsheet is in DRAFT format until I am sure nothing will change. Please be aware, changes may occur leading up to the events. I will be sending out more information regarding your role, etc. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 07 3396 8666 or email

Role descriptions are also available – if you are on a Start or Finish boat please review the videos on this page  they will help explain how the RQYS manages racing. If you are a course layer or a crew on a course boat, please read the role description here: RQYS Volunteers Course Laying Duties

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