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Learn the Art of Sailing at Manly’s Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

Whether you have been looking for a new hobby for yourself or searching for a fun activity for your son or daughter, look no further than the sailing academy at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. Sailing is a fun way to get outdoors, enjoy Australia …read more.

Are you Looking for a Place to Store Sailboats in Manly or Brisbane? Count on the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

Getting the most of your sailboat is sometimes all about finding the right storage opportunities. A berth where you can dock your boat during the hottest months, a secure spot to leave the boat when it isn’t in the water, or an indoor storage …read more.

Make Your Next Yachting Trip to Brisbane Special with a Membership at RQYS

Are you planning a Brisbane yachting trip for some time within the next few months? Are you a member of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly, Australia? If not, then now might be the perfect time to enrol. Not only do we have fantastic facilities …read more.

Rent a Temporary Berth in Manly or Near Wynnum and Brisbane

Are you looking for a place to anchor your sailboat near Wynnum and Brisbane, or for prime dock space in Manly? If so, you might consider becoming a member of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. We have ample space for both temporary and permanent …read more.

Your Perfect Rental: why a Marina Berth for Rent in Brisbane Could be Just What You Need

Every boat owner needs a place to keep their watercraft when they aren’t out cruising. Brisbane is home to more than its fair share of marinas, but when you’re looking for the perfect berth you’ll probably want a little more than a nautical parking space …read more.

Looking for Boat Storage Near Manly, Brisbane or Wynnum?

Boat storage can be a bit of an inconvenience no matter where you’re sailing. Areas like Manly, Brisbane, and Wynnum, are all popular boating locations, but it isn’t always easy for boaters to find the kind of space that allows them to store their …read more.

Boating in Brisbane, Wynnum or Manly? You’ll Want to Join RQYS:

Boating is an incredible way to stay active, explore the outdoors, and participate in one of Australia’s richest traditions. Boating in Australia goes back over a hundred years, as sailing clubs emerged in cities like Sydney to provide sportsmen and …read more.

Where Can You Find Boat Cruising, Yacht Sailing and Windsurfing in Manly?

Owning a boat is wonderful but without the right activities to occupy their time, even the most avid boaters can become a little bit bored. Part of the joy of owning a boat is being able to cruise, sail, or cavort with like-minded people in elegant …read more.

Where to Find High-Quality Boat Fuel in Wynnum, Manly, and Brisbane

Sailing is one of the most fun hobbies in the world both for solo sailors and families who enjoy relaxing on the lake, but it can be a rather expensive hobby if you fail to keep your boat in good condition. You might have paid a rather large amount of …read more.

Learn How to Sail at One at the Best Sailing School in Brisbane

When you’re required to work so hard just to put a roof over your head and food on the table, you deserve to unwind from time to time by doing something you love. For some people, de-stressing means heading away on holiday to take in some new sights …read more.

Why You Should Keep Your Boat Safe in Manly Marina Storage

There’s nothing quite like heading out onto the lake in your own boat. Sailing provides you with a chance to escape the shackles of work life and enjoy some alone time surrounded by stunning water views. It’s a hobby that you can enjoy with …read more.

How to Find Delicious Bayside Places for a Seafood Dinner near Manly, Brisbane

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a delicious meal in a fine restaurant with the family after you’ve worked hard all week to earn your wage. Of course, we all like to have a little cash saved for a rainy day, but you need to treat yourself on …read more.

If You are Looking for Catamaran or Trimaran Sailing or Storage Near Brisbane, There is One Clear Choice

Whether you are an experienced sailor or new to the sailing life, there is something exhilarating about cruising along at ten or twelve knots on the open sea, riding the wind and at peace with the world …read more.

The Boardwalk Café in Manly. The Hidden Treasure at RQYS

One of the best-kept secrets just outside Brisbane is the Boardwalk Café in Manly. The Café is part of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron and is open to the members and their guests. It offers the ideal setting for a light meal or snack after a day of …read more.

Do You Need a Home Base for Your Trailer Sailer in Manly?

Many sailing enthusiasts have small boats and do not live on the water. They must trailer their vessel to a boat ramp, unload it from the trailer, and then set off on their water bound adventures. Those popular sailboats are often referred to as a …read more.

The Epicentre of Multihull Yachts in Brisbane, the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

The explosion of demand for multihull yachts in Brisbane has led to one issue. Where to keep them? By their very nature, multihull yachts require greater space to store and moor them. They are much wider than single hull yachts of similar length …read more.

Looking for a Wet Berth for Your Boat? Try this Quality Marina

Owning a boat is wonderful, but it comes with a host of responsibilities. One of the most pressing challenges that you will face as a boat owner is where to store your vessel when you are not using it. Many owners look for marinas where they can …read more.

Want Brisbane Restaurants with a View? Get to Know the RQYS

Brisbane is home to many thriving eateries, which means there are innumerable places to choose from for your next outing. If there are eatery attributes that are non-negotiable to you, like a dazzling view of the water, you know how challenging …read more.

Find Quality Brisbane Waterfront Dining at One of the Most Exclusive Clubs in Manly

There’s something unmistakably luxurious about dining on a waterfront, and Manly has some of the best waterfront real estate in all of Brisbane. That being the case, it’s only natural that Manly would be one of the best areas in Brisbane for …read more.

Why Manly Has the Best Waterfront Restaurants in the Brisbane Area

When people think about fine dining in Brisbane, they may think first of downtown eateries and gastropubs. It’s important to remember that some of the city’s finest culinary offerings are located beyond the hubbub and clamour of the Brisbane CBD …read more.

Find the Best Coffee in Manly, Brisbane: Which Cafes to Consider

Coffee is a rich indulgence that many claim to adore but only a select few have the good taste to truly savour. Are you someone who can’t get enough of the complex flavour and memorable finish of a truly exceptional cup of coffee? If you are …read more.

Looking for a Café in Manly, QLD? Discover Amazing Coffee, Unforgettable Breakfast, and More

You’ve come to Manly for a memorable and satisfying good time, and so far, you’ve been dazzled. From exploring the creative markets in Manly Harbour Village to participating in seasonal street parties and visiting quirky local businesses …read more.