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For Sale: 198083 Laser 4.7 (Radial approved)

Natasha Hoppner
by Juanita Read
Published: 30 August 2021 (2 months ago)

Laser Hull – Fibreglass – Hull# 198083

Alloy Laser Dolly

4.7 Bottom Section (Lower Mast section for 4.7 laser rig)

2 X Top Sections (Standard Mast top sections for all Laser rigs including 4.7) Ex Charter Alloy Top Section – Almost new User Alloy Top Section – slightly bent but should be fine as an initial 4.7 training top section or backup

4.7 Sail – Class Legal – Used, with sail Numbers 198083 attached, and Red Rhombus also attached (Red Rhombus identifies female sailors) – with Sail Bag Sail Batten set (3 Battens to fit 4.7 Sail) Boom – with blocks and fittings attached Rudder – Complete Centre Board – with Stoppers Tiller – Black Diamond Carbon Fibre Tiller Tiller Extension – Carbon Fibre Tiller Retaining Pin Rudder Retaining Clip Turbo Vang – Complete with control lines (ropes), Vang Key and Blocks Cunningham Plate Base with 2 X Ronstan 20mm Swivel Blocks Cam Cleat Plate – Complete – for Control Lines (Cunningham and Outhaul) Clew Strap – Laser Clew Strap attaches Sail to the Boom Mast Retaining Line Main Sheet – Rooster Main Sheet 12.5 meters of 5mm rope Traveller Line with Traveller Block Traveller fair leads Hiking Strap – Neil Pryde Hiking Strap with ropes – fitted within the last 4 months Outhaul Control Lines and Blocks Cunningham Control Lines and Blocks Bung – Hull Bung Fitting Bungee Cord for Centre Board Restraint – Personal Setup

2 X Main Sheet Deck Cleats – Port and Starboard Cleats – Currently removed from hull


All items are Laser / Class Legal and have passed successfully though Measurement Days at class race events.  Raced the hull and setup in July 2019 (as a Radial), only difference is the 4.7 bottom section and sail.  It’s a complete package.


Maintenance Undertaken to Date:

One hole was repaired professional on the underside of the hull towards the bow.  Fibreglass and Gelcoat repaired and polished.

Professional Gel Coat minor repairs where Port and Starboard deck cleats used to be, Traveller block wear points and minor maintenance items around top deck edge.

Minor Gelcoat repairs  – forward bow area at nose of laser where the top deck meets the underside hull joint was split.

Boom rear block rivets pulled through and were replaced with stainless bolts, washers and screws with TefGel to prevent corrosion.

Semi Regular Hull Polishing – shiny hull faster sailing!

Semi Regular Deck Wash – prevents dirt build up in grip areas


Comes complete with yard trolley.  Stored on hard stand at RQYS Brisbane.  Open to offers.