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Keelboat & Trimaran Courses


New Keelboat and Trimaran courses available!  RQYS now offers the option to pay $350.00/$615.00 on top of a Crew or Full Membership, to receive 10 ($350.00, lasts 6 months) or 20 ($615.00, lasts 12 months) 3-hour sails on our boats (Monohull Elliott 6s or Trimaran Pulse 600s). In these 10 or 20 sails, you will be taught to sail by very experienced and qualified instructors, given the Start Skippering Certification, and then you will be able to use the remaining of your 10 or 20 sails, to privately use the boats without an instructor. You may only take 5 sails to be deemed competent to Skipper, meaning you are left with quite a few 3-hour-sails to take the boat on your own with your own friends and family. We will email you and advise what lessons are available to book into when you are learning. When you are certified and competent, you will need to contact us to organise when you can privately use the boats.

This is the perfect option for people who want to learn to sail and then privately use boats without the supervision of Instructors, or competent sailors who do not own a boat. It is also extremely flexible and incredible value.

If you think you’d prefer to commit to a course (more structure and regular attendance requirements), the keelboat and trimaran programs and courses are the perfect option for you.


The Keelboat Courses allow you to learn to sail without the fear of capsizing, and you will be with several other people and an instructor on the boat. Adults can learn to sail in a self-righting Elliot 6m, which provides a learning platform that is stable yet responsive. As your skills progress, you will also develop an understanding of each person’s role and how teamwork plays a major part of being an effective crew. You will come away from the Start Crewing and Helming course  courses with the knowledge and confidence to sail a small boat competently. If you wish to progress your skills, you may choose to enrol in a Spinnakers, Start Skippering, or Start Racing course. Start Crewing and Helming are run regularly throughout the year, and Spinnakers and Start Racing are run subject to demand – please let us know if you are interested!

For adults, we also have Social Sailing & Racing which is available to people of all experience levels, with racing in our Elliotts once a month. We also have Stand Up Paddle Boarding available for both kids and adults – an activity the family can enjoy together! Available for Instructor Lessons and for Hire.

Please see Sailing Pathways for basic information on which course you should take, or call the RQYS Sailing Academy who would love to help (07) 3396 8666 or