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Private Lessons

Interested in having one-on-one tuition with a Qualified & highly experienced Instructor? Private Lessons cater to all ages and experience levels, and are perfect for those wanting to learn, re-learn, further-develop your sailing skills, or even do a sailing course at a time that suits you. Private lessons can also just be a one-off, laid-back experience on a sailing boat for you or as a gift to others.

$200.00 per Instructor per 3 hours session Monday to Friday

$250 per Instructor per 3 hours session Saturday and Sunday

Optimists are the first boat that most dinghy sailors learned to sail in. Our Tackers courses are all run in Optimists and teach students the fundamentals of dinghy sailing and everything kids need to know about safety, environmental factors, and more. Depending on age/size of the kids, there will be either 1 or 2 kids per boat when they are starting out. For 11 – 13 year olds, usually we would have them start as 1 kids per boat (1-up), and anyone younger is usually 2 kids per boat (2-up). When the Tackers 3 standard is reached, all kids will be 1-up. There will be 1 instructor per 2 kids in Private Lessons, meaning it would cost $180.00 for 1-2 kids per 3 hours.

Elliott 6s are a great boat for adults to get into Keelboat and large yacht sailing. These 6-meter boats fit up to 5 people on them – but preferably only 3 or 4 people – and only requires 1 Instructor per boat, meaning the cost for Elliott private lessons can be split between all the participants on the 1 boat.

Windsurfing is an awesome sport that is considered sailing but is on a board where you are standing up-right. Windsurfing is also a lot of fun, and is recommended for all ages. Generally, you need to be big/strong enough to control the sail, so usually we limit serious-learning to just ages 9 and over. Windsurfing at the Squadron is conducted off the Eastern Beach, rather than launching off a ramp into the Marina like the dinghies. Windsurfing is a 1-up sport, and we can teach 2 people per Instructor.