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All Members and Guests are welcome to attend the Opening Day of the 133rd Sailing Season

1. The Commodore would appreciate the attendance of all members at the Blessing of the Fleet and Opening Ceremony, prior to the Sail Past.
2. The 2017 Opening Day Sail Past will take place with vessels passing the Saluting Dais which will be located in front of the Clubhouse, adjacent to the Bill Kirby Jetty and facing the main channel.
3. The Sail Past Course will be entirely within the Manly Boat Harbour. Vessels will leave their berths, assemble in the channel in the vicinity of Marina 2, proceed down the main channel to the Saluting Dais and disperse appropriately.
4. Please observe all directions from Squadron assistance vessels – Radio Contact will be through Channel 77.
5. No start time will be given for individual vessels. It is the Skipper’s responsibility to join the Sail Past procession in an orderly manner and to keep the flow of vessels running smoothly. Vessels will be required to display an Identification Number Board, provided by the Squadron on the day. These will be issued to skippers at the main gate between 0800 hours and 1000 hours.
6. Number boards must be returned to the Sailing Office or Reception following the Sail Past or during the course of the day.
7. Skippers are requested to dress ship in accordance with the notes on Dressing of Ships below.

Dressing Ship: This consists of stringing the International Code Flags (no other flags are considered acceptable) from the bow to the masthead, (and second masthead if there are two masts) and then to the stern railings.

An accepted order of flying the flags is:
(p denotes numeral), E, Q, p3, G, p8, Z, p4, W, p6, P, p1, I, T Y, B, X, 1st, H, 3rd, D, F, 2nd, U, A, O, M, R, p2, J, p0, N, p9, K, p7, V, p5, L, C, S. RQYS Sail Past Flags

The Ensign is flown in the aft part of the ship and ‘most prominently displayed’. It is usually flown from its own staff at the stern.

The Squadron Burgee should be flown at the main masthead. The Burgee can be flown together with flags from other clubs but should be flown in seniority order – in Queensland the Squadron Burgee would be above all other yacht clubs.

On powerboats with no mast, the Burgee may be flown from a staff on the bow rail or over the wheelhouse.

The Salute: Salutes are made by ‘dipping’ the ENSIGN, that is lowering it slowly to a position about one-third from the lower end of the hoist. The Ensign should not be lowered so far that it cannot fly. The ship making the Salute keeps her Ensign at the ‘dip’ until the Governor of Queensland returns her Salute then the ship making the salute re-hoists her ensign. Burgees should never be dipped when saluting.


RQYS Opening Day Sail Past Track 2017